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This is a rocking show today
I forgot to give a shout out to Marisa on the show for her support!!
Friday's show . . . brought to you by Marisa
Leaving comments on any post
I think we've been putting out too many shows
Everybody tells me that they are behind
Maybe we should do fewer shows?
Folks got a little time and they ask, "What are Kris and Betsy up to these days?"
People as things as if they weren't true
"Was the cake really that bad?"
You can't make up a cake like that
Our stories are spit-shined not made up
Betsy got a nice comment today
"you're the best. the number one on the planet"
The number 1 hussy
The number 1 reverse mullet wearer
Living in a ceramic tube by the river
Great art from dead junkie clothing crazy patched quilts
I can't go there with you, Kris
Yeah, I heard every bit of bitching
She starts talking to me like I am the friend in the wheelchair
Wow, I can't go there with you, Betsy
Off to the gem stones and stamp show
He pulls in to a handicap spot
Goes to the trunk and pulls out a wheelchair
A rental
Made of vinyl and sticky from last guys sweat
It's like me at Goodwill
A dent from the colostomy bag
You're dad had this planned
Re-gifted Chinese made products are fine
It was an ugly shirt
There is a fine line between gay and gangster
If you think I am dressing gay, then I am dressing good
Karma would be a drag queen in my world
Wouldn't she?
Betsy gets shot down by ChildServ for a job
I got the group home skills
"The children need stability"
Teaching improv to juvenile offenders

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