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Short show notes today . . . It's Betsy's Birthday!!
Things have been crazy here today
Special guest Jeanie (the real so late today)
Quality is a bit off for three mic set up
Sure it is a messy man pit
Betsy got the call to audition for Wheel of Fortune Chicago
Dear Intern, this is my childhood dream
Need a hookup with a sturdy llama
It's a casting call
Good luck baby
Jeanie knows what following Besty around is like
I wasn't following her for a Build a Bear
It was a Bitty Baby
No one knows the difference
That is playware
More on that January 19th
People need to know these things!
Sure they do, Betsy
Things like, your checklist for the bottom of a dumpster
The auction story gets cut short
Besty and Jeanie profess their lust for a rock star
Not sure he is a star
Jeanie went to a fundraiser with Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight
For Adrianne Curry's mom
She needs to make more money on her show
The party at the hotel
Jeanie's pizza guy dropped his stash
It was right on my foot

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