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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 14, 2006

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Show Notes

This humble home awaits demise and future teardown status.

Kris goes old school with the intro; it feels good
Go to and send an email with the contact form
"I am a mommy" it sucks your energy
You're not an iron worker
Pummeled by child, feed this one feed this one
Cabbage Patch Kids on eBay
The iMac is a shiny something that maintains Betsy's attention like a racoon
Cabbage patch kids with ink spots
Loose PayPal card means mommy is working hard
Old biddy pulls out vintage Cabbage Patch kids at Goodwill
Betsy's amazing knowledge of worthless garage sale info that floats in Betsy's head
If Betsy were the wizard she would be hugging the dolls
Marketing My Size Barbies to the the friendless
My size Barbie's cup overfloweth
My Buddy dolls are worth some bucks
I had a wagon that came out of the back of an El Camino (not really but a drag strip car)
Chicago style rats living in our shed as a kid
A pregnant rat from your worldly belongings
We had septic, don't worry about it
Sitting in a cloud of smoke watching Gator, "Don't worry son, you're safe, we got septic"
Crazy ass chainsaw with monster truck tires
A lumberjack should of had that chainsaw
Manly men and powerful chainsaws for your wifes blackberry patch
Taking care of the the sister
Finding a rental in Naperville isn't a mommy's job
Rubbing her head for the stressing me out look
There has to be a line
Fidning a rental over the internet
What do you lose, Betsy?
White Hen acostation where a nerd got put in his place
Teardowns are not evil
Kris says McMansion isn't fair term for the replacements
Kmart would have been a luxury (though i would never wear the clothes from there)
Betsy lays out her messed up youth and her liberal/conservative inner turmoil
How the shows will affect Elliot
Betsy wants stability, no moving, vacations and three squares a day
She's got Bush on one shoulder and Pauly Shore on the other
Every place is the same but a trade-off for some wierd bug or natural disaster
Slugs in the North West
Betsy will do whatever good Unitarians do on Good Friday
How are they going to pay first months rent?
Contest on Monday!! No idea what it is but the prize is a slightly used My Size Barbie

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