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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 162

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Show Notes

If you get this show
Sending us an email
Hair cuts from the beauty school
$5.00 and sign the waiver that you won't sue us
They still have a chance of flunking out of beauty school and you are letting them cut your hair
Change it up like a spa
I hope I don't get her
Some men find it pretty, those driving around in their Datsun looking for a date
They're building a house
Over 100 bones for a dye job
Kris couldn't manage the drama
Leaving out the straight guy from the shop
Is Luigi there?
Feeling totally ripped off
Somebody did and they flipped out
Hair haters
Your body reclaiming your hair for nutrients
The birthday girl hungover with scissors
Being mean and enjoying
Knives and styrofoam cups
Snuggly and cloudy
Rare puff-a-lumps at .50 a piece
Betsy kicks them in the shins
Is it stealing?
The garbage man talks about us when he goes home
Can't give it to kids because they will actually play with it
Don't touch the tiny little laptop
Encased like the Constitution
Betsy to return to the American Girl store downtown Chicago
Good night Mr. B, I am going to bed. You've offended me on many levels

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