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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 17, 2006

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Show Notes

Betsy rips me for my voice and tries out one of her own
My true voice, the one I hear in my head
Madonna's accent
Betsy's dipthong-ish breakdown
The same voice I use for calm
Betsy did show prep!
We gotta talk about that on the show
Married 10 years this year in August
Waking up with a mouth full of limestone
Betsy's top 10 list of reality shows
Betsy's true guilty pleasure
Comcast with DVR makes it so much worse
What planet are you from?
Throw you a corn chip every once in a while and you'd be a happy boy
Cursed with back to back shows on opposite channels
Here's the list (full of commentary):

1) Little People, Big World
2) Blow Out
3) Flip This House
4) America's Next Top Model
5) Real Housewives of Orange County - They got great counter tops
6) Flavor of Love
7) Project Runway
8) Rocksar INXS
9) Breaking Bonaduce
10) The Apprentice

Santino where are you?
Kris's favorite is Drawn Together on Comedy Central
Betsy's big week - she's throwing a garage sale, damnit!
It's political
Betsy shush's Kris, I got shushed
Shakeira Carter - thank you
Two words: Trailer Bank

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