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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 21, 2006

Sorry for the popping throughout the show. Some part of our recording setup is dying and causing an electrical pop. I should have this sorted out by Monday, hopefully.

Our fabled podcast
Betsy starts off telling a lie
We have good News
A new addition to our family
It will be double matted
Geraldo Rivera joins the Smith family

Jodi hooks Betsy up
Just to touch what he touched
He will bless us while we podcast
Betsy's junk pile is taking over the basement again
Over 100 Dr. Suess books that aren't for your own kids?
Well it ain't for you kid
Scholastic books can't hold a flame to the Dr. Suess flow
Betsy is now going to talk about RSS feeds
Here comes the Kris went to the doctor story
Testicular dissection
The iMac does some pretty stuff
Betsy holds back and says just go
Psychosomatic phantom pain
My first dash of colostrum
For other people I am all about it
Forgetting when and where your appointment is
If you left it up to men to schedule their own vasectomy appointment this procedure wouldn't exist
Old female nurses
Urologist was me and a bunch of women
They weren't there for a vasectomy
Bisected body posters and plastic pieces
"I wasn't looking at the poster."
Battered women posters and brochures
If it happens then I know all about it
Check my pulse
Penile periodicles
Croncast voice for - "No sweatie . . . not today."
Nothing erection causing on the cover
Perks of some things
The drawing of the whole process, you were right Henry
The blow torch near my balls
The entire process of making me sterile
I prefer the euphemisms
Then it all gets worse
This entire subject makes me very nervous
Doc says I may want to store some sperm
My sperm are doing push ups right now in tube repair preparation
We do the quick exam
When do I need to start coming in for a regular exam
I did not have that on my schedule today
Stranger's finger in my anus today? No not today. I'm not prepared for this.
I'm getting fixed like a cat that won't cause anymore trouble for anyone
"Sterilization" bad
Spontaneous reversal odf the procedure
Leave the item
Plastic food . . . people love it
More Swedish spaghetti
No pregnant garage sale partners, they're slow
Thanks to Hilary Burnett

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