Croncast Listener Survey Results Continued   Released: 2008-04-19 18:27:16

The results continued. These were the likes and dislikes of fellow listeners.

What Listeners Like
Date Comment
01/30/2008 Its hilarious attitude
01/10/2008 The way they talk about their lives, it is hilarious and endearing all at once.
01/07/2008 The chemistry between Kris and Betsy and the humor.
01/02/2008 Betsy and Chris are funny and real people.
12/31/2007 Very funny.
12/29/2007 real
12/28/2007 They are ""My People""
12/26/2007 Betsy & Kris are great together! The fact that they talk about ""nothing"" & can create a funny show out of it reminds be of Seinfeld. You guys ROCK!!Keep it up.
12/20/2007 The humor. They are normal people who actually like and support each other.
11/02/2007 Host are very entertaining
10/29/2007 Betsy!
10/23/2007 The hosts are great, its real life only funny
10/23/2007 Extremely funny
10/22/2007 it's hilarious!
10/22/2007 I like the hosts personally.
10/18/2007 This is the funniest podcast out there. I feel like they are my friends.
10/11/2007 they are so fucking funny!
10/04/2007 It is constantly entertaining, my favorite podcast out there.
10/03/2007 great banter between hosts
10/03/2007 Betsy and Kris do a wonderful job of airing out their lives on the air in a way that is real, funny, and sometimes even JUST A Little bit uncomfortable. Their lucky they got all that expensive equipment between them while their doing the show. In the future I see bullet proof glass..... LOL Just kidding. The show length is perfect, spot on, no waste on predetermined montages or business or reader mail or anything that's just filler to try and get a longer show. about 30 minutes or less is PERFECT. They're both Hilarious (a little respect for the Bear).
09/13/2007 I love the energy between the hosts
09/10/2007 they make me laugh out loud! and i can relate to them.
09/07/2007 lively realism
09/07/2007 the ""humaness"" of it
09/05/2007 Funny!!!
09/05/2007 Kris's laugh
09/04/2007 hilarious!!! Love Betsey and Chris, they are so funny and personable
09/04/2007 Kris and Betsy make me laugh out loud all the time.
08/29/2007 The interaction between Kris and Betsy
08/29/2007 The fact that I feel like I'm in a similar boat. Former episodes guy/punk rocker turned daddy dearest.
08/29/2007 Betsy and Kris are so funny and entertaining.
08/29/2007 The real world approach to podcasting.
08/27/2007 betsy and kris
08/26/2007 Kris and Betsy are PRICELESS!!! I enjoy everything about this podcast. They are parents just like my husband and I and I can really relate to most of what they talk about. Keep it up!
08/22/2007 Honest, funny, and always entertaining.
08/06/2007 Betsy and Kris are hilarious. It's just a fun part of my week to listen to them.
08/03/2007 funny entertaining,
07/30/2007 The hosts are very entertaining.
07/29/2007 the humor. the hosts don't take themselves too seriously.
07/11/2007 The way Kris and Betsy interact.
07/10/2007 the hosts
07/09/2007 The humorous banter between the hosts. Hilarious!
07/09/2007 Great personalities, good audio quality, consistent and reliable.
07/06/2007 Betsy Smith
06/29/2007 They're a couple like me and my wife. Living vicariously through them, at times
06/19/2007 You guys are FUNNY! These questions are funny - I especially like the one that asks how much confidence we have in your ability to select cars... ;)
06/19/2007 The funny Hosts. Betsy is great.
06/16/2007 It's funny most of the time.
06/15/2007 The hosts
06/14/2007 Hilarious!
06/13/2007 FUN!
06/10/2007 They are funny and witty. Its a perfect combination of ornery and nice!
06/09/2007 I like everything about it. No special part. All of it. Takes me back to my young parent days!
06/08/2007 We(wife & I) and the podcast team are at the about the same place in life. I relate to what they normally talk about.
05/27/2007 Betsy! The real-life stories are extremely entertaining.
05/26/2007 I truly appreciate how Kris and Betsy allow me to share their lives. At times, Betsy make the mundane so hilarious that I've had to pull the car over. Thanks guys.
05/25/2007 Rapport of the hosts. Great conversational quality.
05/15/2007 Great back and forth banter between hosts. They are realistic, funny,and honest. Show reminds me of Seinfeld in that it's a show about nothing in particular just the quirks of life. I can relate with both of the hosts humor, and to Betsy's addiction to thrift stores. When Mr. B laughs really hard it's so funny!
05/13/2007 it's funny and charming to hear two people that like each other and are able to joke about each other.
05/13/2007 episodes people
05/11/2007 The honesty of the hosts.
05/09/2007 Genuine Humor & the way the hosts mesh with each other
05/02/2007 Both Kris and Betsy. Their personalities complement each other perfectly. The interaction between them comes off as very ""Real"", They turn the mundane into entertainment consistantly. After is show prep.
05/01/2007 Fantastic humor
04/30/2007 Chemistry between co-hosts and commentary on real-life events.
04/29/2007 It is entertaining and fun.
04/29/2007 Kris & Betsy sound authentic
04/28/2007 the day to day life of betsy
04/21/2007 The everday humor.
04/21/2007 Two people, funny
04/15/2007 The funny banter!
04/12/2007 They are the most ""real"" married couple on the planet -- absolute pure honesty and openness.
04/09/2007 The comedy aspect
04/05/2007 Chris and Betsy are very funny and creative folks.
04/02/2007 excellent humor, friendly hosts, good storytelling
03/23/2007 Croncast was a charming podcast in the early days; it becomes more difficult to listen to as Chris' ego expands. Betsy remains a joy to listen to.
03/13/2007 It's funny!
03/12/2007 The Hosts
03/07/2007 Hosts and everyday conversation that keeps me laughing.
03/07/2007 The interaction between the co-hosts and great story-telling.
03/07/2007 The hosts
03/04/2007 I have been listening since January of 2005 and I am totally hooked! Chris and Betsy are extremely funny and entertaining. When you listen to them, it is like having a conversation with your friends. I listen on my iPOD at work and I am constantly laughing out loud. The sound quality is excellent! It is definitely professional sounding. I took this for granted until I subscribed to other podcasts with poor sound (and ended up unsubcribing to them). Keep up the good work!
03/03/2007 FUNNY! (and real)
03/01/2007 Honest conversation
03/01/2007 They're my age and I can relate to the things they talk about. They make me laugh.
03/01/2007 Their relationship and how they both make me laugh: one by her stories and the other by his laugh! They are wonderful people and they have made me feel like one of the family.
03/01/2007 the hosts, content and audio quality
02/28/2007 very entertaining and fun
02/28/2007 They are just fun to listen to. Betsy is funny and so is Chris. I look forward to each episode.
02/27/2007 the hosts! The natural way they interact with each other and the hilarious things that come out of their mouths.
02/27/2007 The hosts are very funny. It reminds ne of sitting with friends in a social situation and discussing and making fun of various topics.
02/27/2007 Relationship between hosts
02/27/2007 It's fun to listen to... What else could there be?
02/26/2007 I like this podcast because I like to listen to people with lots of problems.
02/26/2007 It's funny. It's about every day life as a married couple and as a family. They pay attention to listener's feedback.
02/26/2007 Betsy
02/26/2007 Funny, good storytelling, reality based
02/26/2007 Hosts/content/Reliability
02/26/2007 I love the hosts - Kris and Betsy. They are very transparent and real and completely fun to listen to. They make the basic stuff of life hilarious.
02/26/2007 The interaction between the hosts. The stories about everyday life.
02/25/2007 The interaction between Kris & Betsy and their good outlook on life.
02/25/2007 lively, animated banter
02/25/2007 I just can't quit them.
02/24/2007 it is human and it is funny
02/24/2007 Good off-the-cuff humor.
02/24/2007 Kris and Betsy make me laugh and are just generally likable.
02/24/2007 Down to earth naature of the hosts, humor, excellent story-telling
02/24/2007 I'm an American living abroad and I listen to this religiously ... not for news, just to hear what everyday folks are up to. It's funny and interesting. This podcast rocks. Betsy and Kris are the greatest.
02/24/2007 Exceptionally engaging, funny hosts, warmth, interesting content, very high production values.
02/23/2007 the hosts
02/23/2007 Always funny and interesting
02/23/2007 Chris and Betsy are funny. It is very entertaining.
02/23/2007 Funny and comfortable
02/23/2007 the humor and interactions between the hosts
02/23/2007 I look forward to listening each week because Kris and Betsy are so entertaining. There is NO other podcast out there that gets me laughing the way they do.
02/23/2007 They are hilarious and personable. They amke you feel like you're listening to friends. But funny friends.
02/23/2007 this is the most awesome podcast that I listen to, Betsy and Chris are the best and incredibly funny. There shows are always entertaining, no if ands or buts
02/23/2007 I have no idea. It is infectuous though. They are good together.
02/23/2007 Rapport between Kris and Betsy. Overlap between my areas of interest and life issues and theirs. General witty and clever and funny outlook on life, even when it sucks.
02/23/2007 Chemistry of the hosts.
02/22/2007 they are just like us...but my goatee is shorter and i have hair on my head
02/22/2007 laid back, down to earth, Not a big production, can relate with hosts
02/22/2007 Kris and Betsy are extremely funny, down to earth, real.
02/22/2007 I really enjoy Kris and Betsy. I love their relationship and their interaction. They're very funny.
02/22/2007 Betsy is funny as shit... Kris is like robin to her batman
02/22/2007 Rapport between hosts.
02/22/2007 The ability of the Host's to play off of each other's humor. Play arguments.
02/22/2007 I really enjoy the fun the hosts have with each other. The closeness of their relationship comes through in each show.
02/21/2007 The hosts are great! Open, honest, funny and real. This is one of the five best podcasts in the known world!
02/21/2007 Nice mix of humor and serious topics. Nice banter between the hosts.
02/21/2007 Consistently entertaining
02/21/2007 They make me laugh everytime, in the way that my friends make me laugh...they are great fun and as a married person i highly identfy with some of the stuff they talk about.
02/21/2007 No ads. It is honest people talking, it doesn't have a staged quality to it.
02/21/2007 Hearing a married couple deal with similar issues that other 30-something couples face, but in thier own unique way.
02/21/2007 It is extremely funny and entertaining.
02/21/2007 the hosts
02/21/2007 Real people. Real situations. Funny as all get out.
02/21/2007 Kris
02/21/2007 the hosts
02/21/2007 Kris and Betsy are really funny and could be my next door neighbor except better.
02/21/2007 Life the Smith way!
02/21/2007 Lively private conversation between married folk
02/21/2007 I LOVE BETSY and Kris :)
02/21/2007 The dynamics of Kris & Betsy. They just have interesting conversations.
02/21/2007 The hosts are one of a kind. My wife and I can really relate to them. They are very enjoyable to listen to. I can't count the number of times I have laughed out loud while listening. They should get paid to do what they do.
02/21/2007 It's kinda funny sometimes. You can listen without really paying attention
02/20/2007 It is extremely intelligent and absolutely hilarious...very engaging!
02/20/2007 personalities
02/20/2007 The dynamic between Kris and Betsy is wonderful. Their relationship isn't perfect, but they obviously love each other and that's what makes it great. Plus they are both EXTREMELY funny.
02/20/2007 Content, Hosts,
02/20/2007 The realism. The bickering. Reminds me of my wife and myself. Just bickering sometimes to have something to talk about, pick a fight just to fight and get over it and have fun.
02/20/2007 The chemistry between Kris & Betsy.
02/20/2007 the humor of the hosts
02/20/2007 It's a slice of life that's clever and funny. The hosts have a wonderful rappor with each other and I love how they are able to make you feel like it's all in fun, like no matter what underneath it all they love each other and that's all that really counts.
02/20/2007 Honesty. Hilarity.
02/20/2007 The easy way that the hosts are able to interact with each other. Even when they are slightly ticked off - they will laugh easily and they project their relationship into the podcast. All technical details of the podcast are A+.
02/20/2007 honesty
02/20/2007 The personalities of the hosts.
02/20/2007 the humor. I can relate to them and the way they interact as a couple. I highly enjoy the banter and fun wacky topics.
02/20/2007 the frequency of podcasts, content, humor
02/20/2007 It's hilarious
02/20/2007 Comedy
02/20/2007 Kris & Betsy
02/20/2007 Reel life with real friends.
02/20/2007 Humor & relationship between hosts
02/20/2007 As half of a married couple living in the suburbs of Detroit with two kids, I relate to the content of the podcast. They make me laugh!
02/20/2007 It cheers me up.
02/20/2007 It makes me laugh
02/19/2007 Kris' laugh and Betsy's sense of humor
02/19/2007 The hosts - Betsy and Kris (the side-kick). They just brighten up my day.
02/19/2007 Betsy's ability to put up with her husband's interesting viewpoints.
02/19/2007 It's funny.
02/19/2007 very entertaining
02/19/2007 People involved it's the kind of show that only works with Betsy/ Chris so it's hard to pick anything you can do more of
02/19/2007 I like the banter back and forth between Betsy and Mr B - they argue like my husband and I do. Also, the frequency of the episodes. 3 times a week feeds wonderfully into my attention deficit disorder ;)
02/19/2007 The Hosts
02/19/2007 The chemistry between the hosts is wonderful. Betsy is hilarious. Kris seems like a completely genuine, nice guy. Together, they are entertaining and seem completely ""for real.""
02/19/2007 the great sense of humor and intimacy of the hosts.
02/19/2007 Chemistry between the hosts Quality of editing
02/19/2007 banter between the hosts.
02/19/2007 Kris and Betsy are terrific! Their conversations are the highlight of my week!
02/19/2007 everything
02/19/2007 it's fun to listen to.
02/19/2007 I love the chemistry that Kris and Betsy have. I also love how they can tell interesting stories that are funny as hell.
02/19/2007 funny, real life experiences oh, did I mentioned funny
02/19/2007 The hosts
02/19/2007 Tone and sense of humor exhibited by hosts!
02/19/2007 Betsy and Kris arguing
02/19/2007 Betsy, Betsy, and Betsy
02/19/2007 The hosts
02/19/2007 Life is show prep. they have very a similar lifestyle to us. They're local
02/19/2007 Hearing real stories about the everyday life of the hosts.
02/19/2007 The hosts are entertaining and work great together. I know when I listen to this podcast I will be entertained.
02/19/2007 Listening is like having a conversation with friends
02/19/2007 Various well told extremely funny stories, the consistency of new episodes, good quality.
02/19/2007 They are funny, real, and are a great couple

What Listeners Don't Like
01/30/2008 Nothing
01/10/2008 That they're stopping! Please, do something!
01/02/2008 I wish they were making big money from the podcast.
12/31/2007 When it's not on.
12/29/2007 the hosts are hostile to each other sometimes and the man laughs at nothing
12/28/2007 format changes but since the hosts have a real life I understand the necessity.
12/26/2007 The intro & outgo.
12/20/2007 They think we only want to hear about the good times. We want to hear about the trials, too.
11/02/2007 I like everything
10/29/2007 The way Betsy disses Kris' family. I mean come on...
10/23/2007 Occasional liberal/Democratic skew.
10/22/2007 nothing
10/22/2007 No complaints.
10/18/2007 There is nothing I don't like about it. I guess only that they are not getting rich doing it because they deserve it.
10/11/2007 kris's laugh
10/04/2007 Sometimes it is too short, I wish they had hour long podcasts.
10/03/2007 no reader from webpage?
10/03/2007 I can never catch up it seems always 2 or 3 behind.
09/13/2007 nothing
09/10/2007 that they aren't on everyday!!
09/07/2007 should be daily
09/07/2007 no video associated with it
09/05/2007 nothin'
09/04/2007 Just that I'm SO far behind in listening to episodes! (About 2 weeks behind)
08/29/2007 Sometimes it's too short
08/29/2007 It's too short!
08/29/2007 The sound of running water. It makes me have to pee.
08/27/2007 its too short sometimes but i guess kris and betsy can have a life
08/26/2007 Not one thing!
08/22/2007 Doesn't come out often enough!
08/03/2007 sometimes shows are not long enough, granted, they don't make a living off this!
07/30/2007 That they only put out a show 3 times a week.
07/11/2007 The episodes are over too quickly!
07/10/2007 i like it all, no complaints
07/06/2007 Kris Smith. He simply doesn't get how life works.
06/19/2007 Nothing comes to mind about the show. I do have a suggestion for you though - how about doing an idiot's guide to RSS feeds on the show? I haven't monkeyed around enough to get the episodes to download to my pc automatically so I can move them to my phone's memory card. I *think* that's what RSS is for, but I haven't had the time to mess around with it to figure it out. I *know* Kris knows how to do it - why not do a 5-minute tutorial on the show about how to do it? -Jennifer in San Diego (your alter ego, Dave's, wife)
06/19/2007 Life is sometimes a little boring....
06/16/2007 The new intro music.
06/15/2007 Nothing
06/10/2007 can't think of a thing
06/09/2007 There is nothing about it I don't like. Keep up the great work.
06/08/2007 They interupt each other during stories and go off on tangents, and sometimes forget to finish the original story.
05/27/2007 I have very little that I dislike about the show.
05/26/2007 I would not change a thing. I was glad to see the music between segments go.
05/25/2007 That is isn't every day of the week.
05/15/2007 Not much I don't like about the show, but one time they had a guest on, a female family friend who they were trying to find a boyfriend for and she had the worst east coast accent. It wasn't kind on the ears at all, especially for west coast listeners. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard.
05/13/2007 Kris annoys me sometimes. I think he thinks he's funnier than he is.
05/13/2007 sometimes weird edits
05/11/2007 Beginning music, abrupt ending, the bits of music throughout (nice idea, but they don't work).
05/09/2007 Way to much bad language
05/02/2007 Since the return of the show it seems like something is missing. I'm not sure exactly what it is. Also some of the shows seem to be rather short.
04/30/2007 Sometimes a little too much time is spent examining the clammy white underbelly of middle-American life.
04/29/2007 the language makes it difficult to listen to around my kids
04/29/2007 Can't think of anything
04/21/2007 Nothing, I love everything about it.
04/15/2007 The fact that they feel they need to edit themselves for us.
04/12/2007 Nothing.
03/13/2007 The cussing.
03/12/2007 It is too short
03/07/2007 Wish it was more often ;=) I think the website is a bit confusing.
03/07/2007 there's not really anything i don't like.
03/07/2007 nothing
03/04/2007 Not much to dislike. Maybe a show one or two times per week instead of three.
03/03/2007 nothing negative, really
03/01/2007 Episodes too frequent, twice a week would be better. Don't have time for 3 episodes a week
03/01/2007 I've just started listening and I caught a couple episodes where Kris was sick so it was 85etsy and that just didn't work as well. You need the calm of Kris to even out the excitability of Betsy.
03/01/2007 They don't podcast 2x's a day every day forever and ever and ever..duh!
03/01/2007 I can't listen to it around my kids.
02/28/2007 nothing
02/28/2007 not much
02/27/2007 I dont expect everyone to like everything but it bothers me occasionally when Kris gets adamant on how much he dislikes bicyclists or pets.
02/27/2007 Sound of mother-in-law's bath water running in background.
02/27/2007 Unnecessary use of strong language in an otherwise pretty family-friendly show.
02/26/2007 The cussing!!!
02/26/2007 sometimes, not always it can be a bit long.
02/26/2007 Not much to dislike
02/26/2007 Pretty much no complaints.
02/25/2007 The times when I want to scream at them when they're about to do something really stupid with their money again (cf. Slowsky, calculating eBay earnings but ignoring the fees)
02/25/2007 would like more frequent shows
02/25/2007 I just can't quit them.
02/24/2007 The host's sometimes frustrating inability to see how they sabotage themselves in reaching their goals.
02/24/2007 It makes me very uneasy when Kris and Betsy argue.
02/24/2007 Not often enough
02/24/2007 Hosts occasionally talking over each other.
02/23/2007 nada
02/23/2007 I wish it were every day. :)
02/23/2007 nothing...
02/23/2007 I wouldn't change a thing! My only worry is that someday they'll burn out and stop podcasting. :)
02/23/2007 huh... nothing...
02/23/2007 that it isn't everyday.
02/23/2007 The fact that I can't put my finger on why I can't stop listening to it.
02/23/2007 Month-long breaks ;)
02/23/2007 When they have to take time off. Though I understand.
02/22/2007 strange women lying around in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, supreme executive power comes from a mandate from the masses, not from some farsical aquatic ceremony
02/22/2007 Sometimes they skip around topics alot
02/22/2007 Its not a daily podcast.
02/22/2007 When it ends.
02/21/2007 I just wish there was more, more, more!
02/21/2007 Hosts occasionally step on one another
02/21/2007 wish shows were either more frequent or longer, although wouldn't want to see what happened to nick and jess happen to them...therefore, frequency and length are fine - lol
02/21/2007 that they are taking a break soon!
02/21/2007 The upcoming podcast boycott, er, break they are taking !!!! :(
02/21/2007 Sometimes the hosts do crazy things and I want to jump through my iPod and snap them out of their decision to do something irrational.
02/21/2007 nothing
02/21/2007 That I can't listen more.
02/21/2007 Taking month off.
02/21/2007 John Elway Dodge
02/21/2007 Kris rags on Betsy too much.
02/21/2007 Kris' angry rants. I don't like when he threatens the dog.
02/21/2007 Nothing. Croncast is great. Wait, the podcast name is little too geeky.
02/21/2007 I hate it when Kris builds some big thing up for a future episode, then it turns out he just got a new job.
02/20/2007 There is nothing that I do not like about this podcast.
02/20/2007 nothing
02/20/2007 I have nothing to complain about regarding their podcasts. Never been unsatisfied.
02/20/2007 Too short
02/20/2007 The fact that they're taking a month off. You bastards. I'm just gonna have to argue that much more with my own wife to make up for the lack of you bickering. :P
02/20/2007 Not applicable
02/20/2007 the length and frequency, would love longer shows more often (sorry guys, but I love you and it's true!)
02/20/2007 I guess it's allegience to the glossy surface of popular culture without acknowledging or investigating the bredth of possibility below that surface - but that is just a token issue, I had to think about it to come up with something I didn't like.
02/20/2007 It's not a travelling vaudeville show.
02/20/2007 Sometimes I wish the hosts would seek the help of some financial planning professionals. They could then be more confident in the choices they make - and relate on the podcast.
02/20/2007 making a big deal about something that is boring?
02/20/2007 The fact that there aren't 5 podcasts per week!
02/20/2007 only complaint is that it's not daily!
02/20/2007 There is nothing I don't like about this podcast
02/20/2007 Sometimes Betsy is too mean to Kris!
02/20/2007 Not much...
02/20/2007 A live event would be interesting to hear.
02/20/2007 Swearing / foul language
02/20/2007 Sometimes Kris and Betsy's real life interupts their ability to get shows out. But... that's life.
02/20/2007 sometimes the same topic gets discussed over and over again
02/20/2007 I like everything
02/19/2007 That Kris and Betsy aren't making any money on it! They are hysterical, I would pay for that!
02/19/2007 That Betsy and Kris sound like they are about to give up doing the podcast.
02/19/2007 Chris' political views.
02/19/2007 Not much.
02/19/2007 i wish it were every day
02/19/2007 Same as above, jsut hard to think of what you can do less of
02/19/2007 hmmmmmmmm...I wish each episode was longer? Because I'm greedy like that?
02/19/2007 Nothing
02/19/2007 Nothing! It's fabulous the way it is!
02/19/2007 sometimes repetitive subjects, and episodes just to churn out more episodes even when they don't have too much to say
02/19/2007 swearing
02/19/2007 I wish there was more!
02/19/2007 I really don't have any complaints about this podcast.
02/19/2007 nothing
02/19/2007 the dog
02/19/2007 Very little. I'm not thrilled that the hosts are taking a month off, but I know this is a big time commitment for them.
02/19/2007 Betsy and Kris talking about the dog
02/19/2007 Sometimes the hosts are braindead.
02/19/2007 Nothing
02/19/2007 Would like to have more episodes per week.
02/19/2007 That they are on only 3 times a week. But that is me being selfish.
02/19/2007 Nothing comes to mind.
02/19/2007 Only 3times a week, :)

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