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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 149

Show Notes

Betsy all dressed up, well looking good
Fourth attempt to beat Maggie at screaming game
Elliot lost his head yesterday
Staying childless . . . wishing
The size of his head
This week at Goodwill
Size 8 suit for the man
It was for an 8 petit
Now he's got a size 12 suit
What size is a first grader
The holiday season picks up as donations increase
Tax deduction time
People want the DVD, you want the DVD
Two good weeks of shipping left for Holiday season
Kris with a "K' says perfect for Kwanza
There will be no Kwanza deal
Betsy will rock the open of Goodwill today
Nagging wives say clean up
Kris buys a PSP for his inner child
Ages 6 and up
I am in love with it, I have no games for it
Instead I have Beavis and Butthead Mike Judge UMD
Betsy still has tags from her inner child shopping spree
Watching "What not to Wear" and you realize you are the person
Zip up mommy fo-track suit
Advice for the Fluffy crowd
Waiting in line at the mall
Letting handicap people go first
Differently abled they are now
6'2 skinny women don't get the concept
Ladies up to size 16
Women start at 16W
The differences are amazing
Sticking your finger down your throat if you're bigger than a size 10
Attack in the face with gold cleats
Betsy's Acne prejudice
It didn't dissolve into a crying session
Coming home in tears? Nope
Shopping for Carla
What brand is it?
You wouldn't sell a knock off purse
Up in the air about it
One size smaller
Regular department
The old lady bedalzed clouds section
"Your Area" for "Your people"
Blue hairs buying undies
The Ruth Maclellan line
What's wrong with blue hairs and apricots
Not caring any more
Stuff wasn't on sale at JC Penny
The trendy under 30 fluffy mommies
Betsy is fighting turning 30 next month
Spending $300 on her clothes
I buy her the clothes and Sean Paul buys my PSP
Buying before you have
Paul Wall bought me a new hard drive
Da Backwudz bought something but I forgot it
Sacramento, brown and cold looks just like here
It was weird but with homeless people
One homeless guy in Naperville
Token crazy homeless guy hangs at Goodwill
Trying on a town or city as a new place to live
Counting pregnant 12 year olds
10 most creative cities in America according to Fast Company magazine
Men watching Hallmark movies, wives don't tell people
"My husband loves Lifetime."
Crying together on the couch
Read the Hallmark cards at the store
Scrapbooking is the movement
Scrapbooking is fo the 3 grader in you who likes the funny scissors
Making websites is like scrapbooking
Helping Betsy become a rich old woman
Living in a gutter eating cabbage out of a dumpster
I will make a mutt stole for you out of a German Shepherd
The trophy row
The Hippie Guy not Latino but Italian
"You're the one who got away."
Five minute dating
Seven minutes in heaven is different than dating
Pushing We're Coming Over again
Reading the quotes from the back

Croncast - We're Coming Over.

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