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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 148

Show Notes

Post Thanksgiving release
Again with the Kris doesn't get it
Having a vagina makes holidays completely different
Hiding in the basement
Kris is "delightful and charming", words from the lips of Betsy
Playing board games at holidays
Put some Play-Doh in the game
Who are these people, strangers . . . relatives
Kris is so much fun
A support system for Betsy at the holidays
We're going to see the Rockettes on tour
Middle class education on party hosting
Setting a table is not it Betsy's future
Mother is stressing out
It is time to learn
Parental modeling crammed into one meal
What side do the forks go on?
When it is important to you it will matter
Horrendous pain with no cartilage
Dementia and labor pain
Stop your baby from screaming
No "black friday" shopping at this house
Begging Betsy for money to buy her gifts
On top of the kitchen sink
The Oprah 200 calorie work out
We can't even stick to that
Tuning out or throwing up
When Oprah says something it makes perfect sense to Betsy
It is all estrogen related
Why don't we eat out of tinfoil
Not even the same category
I could never be in Betsy's category
Maggie dressing up
Betsy . . . iron?
Pretending not having to
The weight of Betsy's domestic plate
Von Maur again
Rich people smell nice . . . like there house
The blessings of American Girl dolls
Betsy's good karma leads her to the sales
Betsy tips her hand and can't ask for a discount
Punk rock daughter hooks Betsy up with a doll that has a soul
Making dolls in your trailer and then a billionaire
Before doll making
Mommy says I spent $130 on that
Elliot is daddy through and through

More shameless promotion for "We're Coming Over."

Croncast - We're Coming Over.

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