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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 28, 2006

Hey, my people, this is one of our best shows since we began. We think so, maybe we just had a lot of fun doing and that is skewing our view. It starts off a bit slow with Betsy psycho-analyzing me but it picks up quick.

What's shakin baby
The voice over guy, Alan
The Don LaFontaine our of generation
15 minutes of work
You've heard his voice this week
What teh hell is a Dutailier
Dutailier Glider
My mom's crazy prep for baby setting up an entire room with baby furniture (that would be used as gifts) and lost pieces on disassembly
It's normal to go to the Motel 6 to stay the weekend with pop
Documenting our lives we're in an up
You can't say what you paid and then mark it up 600%
Cure the gout
Betsy's first eBay sale and how she got hooked
Quantum physics lessons through garage sailing
A new reality show Texas Ranch House 1867 or something
Frontier House wanna be
Tony Snow was he, is he the dealer
Who was Geoff Ganon's lover at the Whitehouse
Tommy Jerky would supply me
Kris's love of jerky and Jack Link's beef nuggets
It's probably horse meat but I don't care
No more progeny

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Don LaFontaine Dutailier Glider eBay garage sale Tony Snow

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