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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 133

CONTEST WINNER IS: Jim Flanagan with "Blind Date".

Pac-Man glasses Croncast Contest

Sorry to make everyone wait for the show today. You see it is Christopher Columbus day and we are strict observers of this national holiday.

Show Notes

Betsy is being disemboweled from the inside out by a virus
The evil Applebees carside to go not curbside
Drawing for the winner with lame sound effects
Jim with the "Blind Date" story
Kitty beds for the inner bestailist at valentines
No he is not a babillionaire
Cheap coffee comes from New Orleans
I profess the boom of Starbucks
Elliot says "I going to eat . . . "
"Mama don't put me in the trunk again"
They say the worst thing at the worst time
Filthy Rich Cattle drive

Yahoo gets on board with podcasting
Our spot at Yahoo leave some reviews!
The playing field begins to level again - thanks Yahoo (still not perfect though)
Betsy whines over intestinal pain
Betsy the Us Weekly junkie
She says we are just like Nick and Jessica, holding it together for the show
Weight Watcher is a Midwest deal
Maggie says her first word last week "Mama"
Betsy thinks Kris turning 31 in a month is funny
She will turn 17 according to her Mexican birth certificate
The stretch marks and her salty sailor hands will giver her away
Collagen and Botox for my hands
Kris's sharp shins and beautiful feet
Singles can figure out how to fix themselves by getting married

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