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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 111

Pledge drive starts today!

For the next week we beg for dollars like my cousins who say they are dancers. When we all really know they are just making enough money to get through cosmotology school.

I'll get to show notes (short show notes) in a second. Man this is a long show today, everything started out great and then someplace in the middle Betsy asked me to tell a story of one of the most horrific memories of my childhood.

So the show is really low for a while then picks back up again. We decided not to edit the story out or any of the ensuing conversation because Betsy says it gave her more understanding of my attitudes, personality and perceptions when it comes to everyday life.

Show notes like this:

Kris is graduating from with a BA this Saturday after 12 years
Wife's putting husbands through medical school . . . hmmmm.
Betsy's family rip and how she misses my mom
People you respect you think are taller than they really are
Changing the kids' last name to famous names from Smith
Elliot ends up in wrong class and Betsy flips
How to deal with being picked on as a kid, Kris' idea is way off from Betsy's, Kris says he needs roids at an early age.
Green river sodas
The dog story and other small town talk
If you're 40 and not crazy looking for a lady Betsy has one for you
Betsy's continued inability to hook up her friend
Choking on your first date (Billy Blazes wouldn't have choked)
More Rock Star INXS profiles
Betsy tries to tell story she told on Monday
Pledge drive starts today

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