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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 72

Today's show makes up for all the short shows this week. We recorded early in the morning because it is Betsy's Mom's birthday today and they were going to do nothing else but . . . go to garage sales and Goodwill. I think Goodwill needs to start kicking in a little sumthin sumthin for all the play we give them. Maybe not always positive on my behalf but atleast we can spell it right.

We discuss why Betsy enjoys conservative radio; well not enjoys it but gets fired up, sermon radio for neighbor humpers, the reference section in the Bible, miracle water on Comedy Central, Benny Hinn, the contest entries, Elliot peeing in the garbage can a few nights ago, bottom swatting.

Betsy feels like a total loser! She invited a mommy to her church the first time she talked to her. She feels really bad like she's an evangelist for the Universalist Unitarians. She really does. She called me once it happened and it was really funny for me.

We also talk about the "no sperm from gay men ban" by the FDA and the demotion of Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski to Colonel thanks to a military judge not hanging Lynndie England out to dry for the Abu Ghraib business, Kris's asymmetrical bald spots on his head "looks like you flew headlong into flypaper and tore yourself loose", what Betsy has learned from Drag Queens, the epilady spring loaded hair ripper outer and how Betsy got revenge in 6th grade against all the other girls who picked on her.

Goodwill Goody Contest Continues - Ends Monday!

1) Send an email to with the word "Contest" in the subject line
2) Write a couple sentence bio about yourself
3) Betsy will print out all names and put them in a cookie jar
4) She will pick one name
5) Grand Prize - Betsy will be your personal Goodwill shopper. She will interpret your bio and buy you an appropriate gift for Goodwill value up to $9.99 (You could end up with a waterbed or car at that price) and ship it to your home or business.

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