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Betsy and her husband Kris May 05, 2006

This is a production of Palegroove Studios
It's Cinco De Mayo
Celbrate your heritage if you're a honky (May Day)
Gatherings at Socialist Monuments in Milwaukee
I miss Milwaukee
One of these days and we'll cash in an move where it is warm
Parking the car in slush and then it freezes to ground, only in Milwaukee
We can only go where the bus goes
Tiny little Honda Accord
Small cars are chick cars
Backlash against the SUV
Ms. Kitty comes to visit
Driving the Scion xB
It looks like a toy in the garage
The Yaris (we call it he Yaro) makes the Scion look like and Expedition
Lach Walesa
We should have went to Bobak's
Bobak's is an authentic Polish grocery store
Food Network voted it best Deli in the world!
Chilean Sea Bass has a former name, changed it an now they are almost extinct
We gotta name another kid, not gonna happen, but giv'em a killer name
You just can't name your kid Sushi
What is on tap for the weekends
I watch a lot of TV because you hide in the basement
Listening to your baby cry
Wad the kid in a ball for safety like a hamster
Working all night and here we are doing the show
I need my car, autonomy baby
Friends? You've got to be kidding
Take your nerd to lunch
McDonald's central office down the road
Nothing tastes like school pizza
That Sodexho flavor
City wide garage size
Who calls a photo copy a Xerox? Someone who hasn't had a job in 7 years
The Honda Element
Ebay horror stories

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