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Betsy and her husband Kris June 02, 2006

The long, feel good intro
Lots-o-email been coming in
Too many to respond to in a personal way
How does Aberaham Lincoln taste
Buying shorts at Target
Everything is designed for 18 year old boys
The perma wrinkle shorts
Say hello to Lands End kris
Kris is on diet and losing weight
"I'm not going to weigh myself"
Bagels are actually really bad
Food cessation at this point
Hey I'm going to go shoppng in the JR's department
For the portly over 30 set
What's athletic fit? Damn it! The shirts don't fit either in XXL!!
10 years ago it would have worked
Designed for the six pack now you got a two-liter
None of them fit they are filled with lycra and youth juice
I can't go anywhere without seeing the Milwaukee guys stuff
Beer merchandise everywhere
Their stuff is on TV like twice a day
I did find some perma-wrinkle cargo shorts
Short and pant leg length rant
If I can see my socks there is a problem
Losing site of little Kris
Turning myself into veal
Congratulations to Nick Guarracino and his wife on the birth of their son George!!
I got mics, plenty
Betsy shuts down the idea of recording on vacation
We can record crossing Iowa
Slowsky's shape for the trip
Kris can't wear the old man shorts or coaches short, only options
Even the lesbian gym teachers wear coaches shorts
The debate over what is more pathetic

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