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Betsy and her husband Kris June 30, 2006

Many of you are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the "My Vacation Sucked Too!" contest winner. You shall wait no longer! This has been a very hard decision to make!! The winner of the contest is Jeanette Holden.

Thanks to everyone who entered and sent in their vacation stories that made us laugh, cringe and generally empathize with you. These are great stories that we have been recording all week. We will release a special podcast that is nothing but these stories this weekend for your pure traveling enjoyment.

Betsy reminds us that today is the last day to apply for student loan consolidation
Stop calling me, I've taken care of it already
The hot phone call attendant
The phone lines are packed
You need to make you intent known
Credit card payments have gone through the roof
The fun about living in the states
"Dont' steal. The government hates competition."
Betsy says my political views are changing
My eyes crossed all on their own
We have spent the last 4 hours reading the entries . . . again
What Betsy was looking for in a story - Story Telling
What Kris was looking for in a story - Reality of situation
The death and maming of Slowsky
The winner is . . .

Jeanette Holden

Great story with swearing and funny jokes at just the right time
My mom is like brown brussel sprouts
Binky the pig
The low down on the rest of the stories and the podcast to ensue
The stories have been amazing
Staying at your parents house when you're 69 with your spouse
Still finding time to kick it in their breezway and breaking your hip
It's our 10 anniversary in like 1 month
Thanks for those peeps who sent emails to John Elway Dodge
We address the comment left by Philip and the email that he received from John Elway
Dodge (we assume it is real)
Jeff's response - malarkey
I bet you expalined this to Jared about a podcast
Betsy reads it and Kris gives the charged commentary
We've never spoken to Jeff . . . he is not Jared
I have talked to them, TWICE, ask Jared
They are not getting the right 411 from their own people
I'm not concerned witht he ruined vacation
They respond to our listeners with a lie and can't send us that email?
No way at this point
Slowsky update and Betsy's call for input from you
Monday, Kris will talk about the custom conversion van his dad made when

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