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Betsy and her husband Kris July 21, 2006

Slow start but it gets rolling around 4 minutes.

Broadcating bathwater draining down a pipe
More baths than anyone
Kris found more white hairs in his beard
All thanks to John Elway Dodge on Arapahoe
We blame John Elway for being born
Why isn't the pipe soundproofed?
Betsy says Kris is too self-centered
Backyard needs attention
Work from home day
You can hold the bag atleast, you pussy
Kris hasn't been off the deck this year
Betsy wants to hire a gardener
Betsy's current making money obsession What the hell is doula?
Vickie still hasn't had her baby
Why did she pick you?
Women in Naperville have garagre dorr stomachs to pop out kids
US infant mortality is high among developed nations we rank 28th
The big sale that Betsy is collecting clothes for
Betsy says it's a racket and they make you buy something for $3
Kris says yeah what a rip, eh
Walking back into the 80's with peoples styles in homes, clothes and hair
Bet they can't wait for the Miami Vice movie
The fat, fat cat
Well yeah he's very nice
Unable to walk and friendly are probably two separate things
Regional tour of Goodwills and then Betsy ranks them
Betsy wants to register to win a limo ride to garage sales
What about the notion of good days
Selling ad space on your car
What is truly afford?
Hair Cuttery chik tells Betsy her hair looks really bad and has no style
Kris digs a hole for himself and ends the show

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