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Betsy and her husband Kris August 07, 2006

After Friday we got like 0 email
The other sdie of Kris
Betsy is my anti-depressant
Sooooo much going on that we can't talk about . . . we apologize
Starting your own business has drama with it
Betsy says now I am ready for her confession
Something to do with Carl
Your pregnant and my vasectomy didn't work
No Kris I wouldn't break that on the show
Kris' voice is tight I know you can hear it
It made our dinner guests stressed too
"Is it is us? What did we do?"
It was supposed to be used for our anniversary
What am I getting? I t hought I already got it
Betsy says, oooooh a back-up server
Come on get on the Betsy train
Get on board to find out where it is going
Shit is bad when it starts out with "You know I love you"
Is there any respect left in the world, does anyone . . . karma has taken a dump on my face
Two ends of the spectrum
People let me know
So it is a dog
Betsy has been doing research
Kris's answer is know
Kris lists what is going on just with house and to-do list
I thought I had a good life until now
Betsy Buying an uncooked ham at Bobak's
The interpreter
Betsy stuffed animal blocked at Goodwill
Your friends need to be on your Goodwill playbook
The couple

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