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Betsy and her husband Kris August 09, 2006

Happy anniversary, though it really isn't today
Betsy's sister has ruined the magic by telling us when it really is
"We can have a lovefest for days, right?"
"Are you kidding . . . we have kids"
Betsy and her sister having snacks
We are going to pretend that it is the 20th
Figuring out what day it is by using a calendar online
Computers have taken the mystery out of almost everything
No excuse for blissful ignorance
Betsy kidnapped me and car jacked me
On way to Verizon store and Betsy detours
Time to get Booba a new phone
Kris: manipulated again into letting Betsy take charge
Kris has a great day today
Sean says I have right to bew grumpy and Betsy should put up with it
I'm a bear that has to hibernate
Anniversary is coming I have no clue where Betsy is takin me
I thought it would be something nice
It turns out that God spelled backwards and put Patch after it and that is where I ended up
See the image above
They don't sell puppy mill dogs . . . sure
The internet has taken joy out of looking for a dog
Betsy extolls the great virtue of
Is it owned by FriendFinder (notice no link)
Betsy is way to into this dog thing . . . I am having hard time fighting it
Giving up good dogs to keep the bad ones because they will get dirt nap
Taking the kids on her doggie rebound trip
I don't think it is fair to the kids
10 years of marriage
Deployed in WI for 3 years writing wills for soldiers
I really question Betsy taking the kids with her
It is shopping . . . not just lookinig at dogs
Am I alright? You are not going to turn this around on me
She's setting up the kids with the dog business
They understand more than she thinks and gives him credit for
This is shopping for a dog, not looking period
He knows when you go to stores you buy things
Kris is not a dog hater, Zeus is a good dog, however I have rationalized not needing a new dog
The old ass cats as old as Abe Lincoln's bones
Betsy's need to bring havoc into our lives
Doggy proofing already . . . I can't win
So what does it mean to be married for 10 years at our ages 31 and 30?
Obviously, it could have been very bad
You got married young
At older age you have way of running your own life and set in your way
We have the same ways
"That is really annoying about Kris I can't believe that you put up with that"
"Who says that"
That doesn't gel with my life
I don't care your ticks don't bother
It doesn't feel like 10 years to me it feels like a year
Our marriage has gotten better in the last 10 years
Ball and chain? Not really
Kris goes off on some bizarre tangent that makes no sense at all
All I can say is thanks Mr. B for giving me room to do what I want to do
In the basement like a pile of pudding
Kris is keeping secrets
Betsy could have gotten the dog tonight if she had done one thing . . .

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