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Betsy and her husband Kris September 18, 2006

0% September 11th drama around here
Kris says I'm not dealing with it
His usual process it takes him a week to ge it
Last week was the NFL podcast launch
Special Note: You will only be able to see the podcast pages not the other areas of the sites.
Larry Fitzgerald
Joe Jurevicius
Joe Horn
Steve Smith
Betsy could hold it down
Except when she sees money coming in and then slows her ebay stuff
Betsy's Hebrew Green Eggs and Ham
Kris thinks it is the score of the century . . . better than 1st edition Torah
Where's Waldo in French
Things not to do: Tree trimming 9:30 at night in the dark
The family is oout doin it up
Trimming the night before dries out the branches
The dog is even with us
Zeus starts to spaz out
Running in loops
He starts a run at Gigi like a crazed horse
He hits her and she does a flip and lands on her head and back
Betsy saves her dog with a shout
Kris gets to Gigi and her mouth is bleeding
She made out great with only the little cut
Kris goes on about his lack of responisibility when it comes to safety from the dog
I had to restrain myself
Betsy got the lecture about "Next Time"
Please let me finish
For some reason Betsy doesn't understand Elliot's lack of love for the dog . . . hmmm
Betsy tried to leave her sister for hobos
The chili cook-off and Kris telling the neighbor he is not social
Betsy came to my rescue as usual
My new 14 ft saw
Not replacing Slowsky . . . supplementing
6 years, 1 month worth of ebay stuff still in Betsy's stash

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