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Download this episode. Betsy and her husband Kris Oct 18, 2006 http://www.croncast.com/resized-images/4XRuxqTKw72Wal.jpg   Released: 2006-10-18 07:27:59 http://www.croncast.com/article/519/Betsy-and-her-husband-Kris-Oct-18-2006/

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Betsy and her husband Kris October 18, 2006

Bobble heads for intro
I need more work
It's hard out there for a B
Being so hard on a B
What is the deal with Slowsky?
Should we trade it in . . . nope
Now Slowsky sits on the driveway
Slowsky is like a 8000 lb green lawn flamingo
Searching for the good karma
Smartly - is it a word
It was a good gesture and a valid option
Slowsky is a heapster
Skepticism whether it will last the week or not
Betsy is going to use it as a trade for her sister
Going for good grandma karma
Slowsky is in "Fair" condition according to Kelly Blue Book
They say Slowsky is a$2600 trade! Yeah right
Betsy getting it on in bill land
Stretching her fashion dollar
I swear I don't know what has been happening in our lives
Betsy is now shopping on QVC for clothes . . . what happened to us?
She's only 30, damn
Is it teacher wear?
Kris turns into Puffy Cuffs for a shopping smack down
Nothing is gonna match . . . wait it all comes on a hanger like a Gobot outfit
There is something that is happening that I don't understand
Spinning and crushed under the weight of a spinning black blob
An entire QVC universe
Betsy's other former old lady addictions and other diversions
Bingo with the blue hairs
Best place on earth, you can chain smoke, drink and smoke
"I knew I was out of my target age range when I saw the hypodermic holder on the wall in the bathroom"
Getting the old lady car
We expressed ourselves in the mid 90's and now we seem to be back living it again
The V70 looks like the old mid 80's Volvo wagon
Cute Swedish men in jump suits show up
Read her new post at Resale Queen
What is the age difference
The eBay lots that sit in front me off
Being cut off by a Prius (all Prius's except Mike's)
Volvo versus vulva

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