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Betsy and her husband Kris October 20, 2006

Betsy decides to start shipping while the show begins
Then wants to divert attention
You don't want to talk about the naked camel in the desert?
I want to talk about the email
Betsy says, it is a surprise that we don't get hate mail everyday
The shipping continues
Sign up for the contest and then send hate mail . . . nice
Now you're a Puffy Cuffs
If it is really bothering you that much
"If you're engaged to a geek - break it off," Betsy
Saving driving directions to my phone instead of printing them out
The tape sound again . . . it is the sound of my life
The sound of my eternity
Postal priority mail tape
They quit making it
What am I going to use to wrap Christmas gifts
Betsy says she has big news
Betsy is going to hang with a fan tomorrow . . . Abbi Z.
Kinda gonna be in the area
Betsy is wired and over-thinking it
Betsy screwed up chocolate chip cookies
Not so sweet cookies
Abbi will eat them and smile
That's why we do it baby for the fans
Got rid of Slowsky
Better phrasing, "Off to the auction like a fat pig"
The Slowsky lowdown
Sister turned it down and now Betsy uses it for a trade on a car for her sister
If you can't sell something to Kris you should be fired
We got it good right now
Betsy, "I know you live like that. My darling the rapper."
The QVC clothes smell like old people
They pump the bags full of the odor
Too chubby to put a leg forward
Quality Value Convenience you need to shop it too
Compression garment for the abdominally blessed
Betsy hits a new low - recording QVC to DVR for later viewing
No high waist jeans at the store but Goodwill got'em
We're off to Boulder tonight
Maggie, Betsy and Kris are off that is the man will rock it out with grandma
The irony? Back to Colorado
Slowsky is worth more in pieces than as a whole
Zeus is getting fixed next week
Not just hate mail, only one, and many great emails and comments yesterday

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