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Betsy and her husband Kris October 27, 2006

Kris points out the Croncast blog
When I made the site it was judging what's most important
The news section is for stuff like Betsy stubbed her toe
We will present for the first time ever a podcast fashion
Betsy models her QVC stuff that arrived a couple days ago
The Quality Value Convenience Fashion show Fall 2006
We have a topic . . . holy shit this is like a real show
Fashion show begins:

One night me and a box of wine ordered a bunch of stuff off there!

Stretch Cordury Animal Print - A snake humped a dairy cow - Flattering or Fattering?

The official pant suit of Wisconsin

What if you wanted to wear it open for another look?

Suitable for dating Dick Cheney orange.

End Fashion Show

Betsy talks about being a victim of car prejudice
Betsy goes dumpster diving in her QVC and her new car
She is a professional dumpster diver for 5 years
When the police roll by
All the looks . . ."she must be moving"
The Volvo just saved me
If I had been driving Slowsky, I would have been in the pokey with the kids
Teaching our children to break the law
Betsy's haunt is behind Old Navy
More moments of the day with Betsy
Getting out of tickets
Tubby the Love Bucket from Goodwill makes a return appearance
Halloween at Goodwill is the big season
Last year's Target outfits
Taking the dog to get fixed
The veterinarian sales pitch to upgrade all the doggy treatments
Social work joint for career day in high school . . . Kris
I don't know if I could work the rest of my life
Making the choice
Kris doesn't drink and sometimes that can be strange
The "You don't drink" look
Kris goes all out until he burns out, my aptitude for addiction
What follows is 23 minutes of phone call follow up good luck dear listener

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