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Betsy and her husband Kris December 11, 2006

There is no laughing only coughing
The three times intro
Mommy isn't going to sell it
Betsy spends the day potty training with Gigi
Hugging the toilet
Grabbing the diaper
Maggie passed 'yes' for 'yeah'
I got a coupon for the Avenue
The first day of potty training sucks
Is there a doggy door for shoe salesmen?
Betsy gets her Build a Bear Mumbles the penguins
She got them stuffed
Gotta think about the busy moms
"Santa brought you a fucking deflated stuffed animal."
Getting it in the mail 30 years later . . . it smells like home
Marlboro the penguin
Heap of Mumbles
He won't let Betsy pick up the stuff she bought for the man
Buying frozen burritos by the case
Her friends are in the TV
Betsy is watching the snaggle tooth
Betsy is taking charge
Unless you are shipping a python or a wild boar then you select yes
Betsy can't handle when people mess with the Post Office shipping kiosk
It won't fit on the same site as the address
The human doesn't read the bar code!
Are you sure?
Matching coats for the baby and her doll
The Jo Anne Fabric
Who makes their clothes any more?
Tie the fleece together to make a blanket

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