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Betsy and her husband Kris December 29, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by Mike Marusin.

Betsy does up a little ditty for Mike
She can never remember the day
"Mrs. Smith . . . it's 1 o'clock . . . it was a half-day of school"
Major mommy screw ups
Baby I got two New Years resolutions
Number 1 - I am done making fun of you and Goodwill
It's all about the Booba in 2007

I'm gonna start with one Coach wallet and turn it into a small fortune
And then I'm just gonna sit on it and make you ask
I know someone told it was a bad idea to go to the coach outlet
Number 2 - make sweet love to another woman
Look what I have over here . . . steak knives
I tried to make today go well with two trips to Goodwill
Betsy can't find her glasses
They are not in the Smith Man Pit
Baby, look at me . . . you know I am kidding
I just wanted to rile you up a bit
Well you can get all riled up on the couch tonight watching the Spice channel

So we had an email asking for the cast of characters from Goodwill
An entire show dedicated to the folks
Betsy actually wrote them out
Finishing the story of Rumple Snatch before the name reveal
When good art and story telling is at its finest
Goodwill stories for two years
Her life sucks
Why do you go there now?
Even management ends up with special character names
Betsy needs a Russian translator
People think I'm harsh on the resale tip . . . check out Betsy's mom
Betsy's urge to purge thanks to Virginia Slim and crew
More pictures or the pictures that people asked for
We'll be back on Monday

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