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Betsy and her husband Kris February 16, 2007

There comes a time for everything. This show is one of the shows from the night we recorded seven because of the weird vibe we had going. That and Betsy blew me away by crossing a new line.

What is marmalade?
It's fancy jelly, Kris
My entire body is made of fancy jelly
You're like lamb jelly
When you boil meat stuff floats to the top
I'm sure you can spread it on toast
I'm still plugging away at this business Mr. B
It is a number of things
You can ask me to do a lot of crazy things but I will never say you are right
You are no longer a purse company
Baby, please don't do this
Bears, listen to me
I have three new business ideas
I would like your feedback on a number of things
Do they sell purses?
Fancy diaper bags
The word of the show is "fancy"
I'm putting it in terms that you can understand
Selling all the kids stuff
This purse bitch in Florida is driving me crazy
She lives right next door to the exact same outlet mall
She is the only person doing it and undercutting me
Selling her shit for a penny
The bag full of kids clothes
Sweating it out during the middle of summer
He likes seconds on cereal, he'll be a XL by summer
eBay sellers not welcome at this sale
It's not illegal to show up
Just don't have to tell them
There's a small catch
This bag, the Madison and Friends bag is $250
But Gigi would be smoking . . . she needs some Diesel jeans
No McKids for our babies
Listen, our kids are so Goodwill'ed out that they aren't even at the McKids level yet
Your taste is his taste . . . and Gigi's taste? Nobody's taste
She is the only 2 year old that dresses like Phylliss Diller

8:00 mark . . . Betsy's hits her stride with the show killer. Aside, this was recorded maybe a week before This American Life released a show chronicling people doing exactly this. And Betsy got an "I told you so!"
The murder McMansion
A little Ajax we can flip that bitch
I know it's got an office . . . that's where they were all found
Oh, baby.

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