So I call Volvo Cars of North America . . .   Released: 2007-04-03 14:41:01

And talk with Thom (he seemed like Thom with an 'h') just like the dealership instructed me to. Not specifically to Thom with an 'h' but someone in customer care at Volvo of North America.

Turns out that Thom can't help us out! Imagine that. He said this is a "dealership" issue. However, he'll call the dealership on our behalf. Awesome!

BTW, for the full rundown listen to tomorrow's show . . .because, well, Thom with an 'h' got Kria with a 'k' fired up. Gems like this, I have to paraphrase since I don't have a recording or transcript from the call but about 15 minutes into the 19 minute conversation I am told that because we don't want another Volvo that helping us out "isn't mutually beneficial" and that there will be little they can do beyond honor the warranty. I guess that beyond the money already paid to them for the car, there needs to be more in it for Volvo.

Here's the deal, we are not asking for a full refund. That would be unreasonable. We have driven the car and understand depreciation of value. What we are asking and have asked for from the Volvo of Lisle is a fair price on the car, which, in this case includes a bump in consideration of all the problems it has had. What the car would sell for at auction, a place where normal folks couldn't buy a car if they wanted without a friend in the auto industry, isn't a fair price.

Vovlo of Lisle V70 2.5T Volvo Cars of North America volvo cars volvo car Volvo Lemon

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