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Betsy and her husband Kris April 16, 2007

Join up with the Croncast Cronies . . . thanks Kelly C.
Bobbling your head to the intro
Skipping ahead for the boring
I thought Friday's show was great
Not many comments but we needed to hit our stride
TV shows stealing out lines
Notes from the Underbelly . . . you are on notice
I'm watching for episode number, I'm sure we'll see more
I did research, the writer fits our demographic
Boob talk and the fear of the return to post nursing side
Getting older and looking the mirror
Asking the man to cut it off
Just ask if they are board certified
Hang me like a side of beef and trim me
4 kids and it was tore up
Sitting up in NY and looking in the mirror
Looked like a gorilla
Betsy cuts off Kris's NY story to tell her dog story
Yeah, you told us so
The dog nazi turns out to be . . . crazy
An entire 15 minutes dedicated to the dog
Carl took me there one time, it's the story of my life
Trish is raising money for Project Bread check it out and feed some folks.

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