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Betsy and her husband Kris May 02, 2007

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What are my moobs and dairy snakes worth? Let us know above in the banner with your support.
Listening to all the past shows . . . the archive
This massive dusty library of reel to reels
No one has response to that
"Hey it reminds me"
The biggest ass houses in Naperville
The McMansions facing the river
They had the reel to reel at the garage sale
I'll just wait for it to show up at Goodwill
ZZ Top on reel to reel . . . big money
The support to keep the server alive
We got mugs to send
Kris starts the plug and nearly puts Betsy to sleep
Support can also be cumulative and you can work your way to a mug
I've seen what people are getting
Little deaf dog goes for a jog
There's the mother-in-law side of the story
There's the son-in-law side of the story (the truth)
Saving the dog like driving the General Lee
Kris doing yard work and getting the kids out of Betsy's hair
No Betsy, I haven't ever had worms . . . sorry to disappoint you
You got them from eating your fingernails
The eating of the skin off the side of your thumb
"Betsy stop eating your hand"
Elliot and Maggie picked up on it . . . they learned it from you
It goes on

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This money, btw, is going to server costs to keep the show up and running.

We are going to do a live show here in Naperville . . . hopefully in July. We'd like to get about 40 people to come out so we can have the joint for about 2 hours. That means you need to get your friends to come out too. Let us know if you can swing it.

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Naperville McMansions little deaf dog dairy snakes ZZ Top reel to reel General Lee

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