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Betsy and her husband Kris May 04, 2007

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Show notes soon . . . I just want to get the show out. For those of you who missed the blog post there were some technical difficulties with the recording.

Also I want to apologize to you guys for today's show and the one from Wednesday. I have had some stuff going on around here, business related, that was stressing every one around the house out. It is straightened out now, but was a big deal that took up most of my attention and now that we are getting it square my brain is thanking me by turning to jelly as the intensity of the situation is subsiding.Thanks again for listening!

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We are going to do a live show here in Naperville . . . hopefully in July. We'd like to get about 40 people to come out so we can have the joint for about 2 hours. That means you need to get your friends to come out too. Let us know if you can swing it.

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