Yes, I own you in Google . . . but I didn't mean to buy you   Released: 2007-05-24 10:32:56

My apologies to Jennifer Cabala from the Q13 FOX News in Seattle for taking over your name in Google.

This might sound funny, maybe not so serious, and, yes, my tongue is a bit in cheek. But all the searches that I am getting for your name or those associated with the police officer calling 911 for the pot brownies have got me thinking about how people without a presence online are at the mercy of those who do.

Let me preface this by saying I don't think this is wrong or a flaw in Google; but a search for Ms. Cabala in Google by her full name will return my blog as the number one result. Why? For a myriad of reasons, but they are way to boring to talk about here.

My point is that most of the population at large who aren't playing online or making a living at it are going to be surprised when they, their friends or employer go online and see some guy/gal in Grandforks has the first say about them. It does depend on the content of that first salvo what the reaction will be. For the individual it can be the bee's knees or like waking up in bed next to me.

We talk an awful lot about reputation management in business but online you are your own business; at a minimum, your own brand. Look at Tom Green.

After all this, my two cents is to recommend that people without a presence online get one (like those not reading this). Be this presence through a free blogging website, social networking site or a photo/video sharing site.

Maybe I am just that much of a nerd to care what is highly ranked for myself online. But I have to think that this will matter to more people in the future as they see themselves portrayed in a way that they are not able to mediate by knowing the tools.

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