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Betsy and her husband Kris Jun 08, 2007

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July 8th, live show, must get 20 peeps in seats by June 15th
That's your big intro?
Well, let me tell my big story Mr. B
I hope it is good after your last scripted one
I could have coached you through that reading
I would be real fan of this
What Kris boobs with ankles?
Fake boobs that look natural
Betsy, "What's the point of that?"
Hey, Kris a Mercedes that looks like a Ford
Maybe fake that look real isn't a good thing
IRS and the accountant give Betsy a ring
I'm trying to function only in the present
Sitting there eating fish sticks with Grandma and the phone rings
It's good, they are trying to take care of us
Now I've got to talk to someone
And your fish sticks are going to get cold
Good thing you were putting kids to bed so you couldn't hear the shit I was talking about you
IRS to Betsy, "This is quite a significant liability you have here."
Betsy, "Yes, yes."
IRS, "Can you tell me how you came upon having such a large liability? Is there something going on in your life?"
Betsy, "My husband is a retard. I told him to save money, mam. Also, I am sure that you can see that flag from before. I can't go out of the country."
IRS, "There goes that trip to Italy."
Betsy, "Doesn't matter, he spent all the money anyway."
The approach they take per month
Where do you cut from your budget to pay the IRS?
How do I figure out what is below Aldi's?
Dumpster diving for orange juice
Then I accidentally hung up on the IRS
Our luck with the IRS hasn't been so good
Are you crazy?
The IRS has really good to us
Don't know on this table, there isn't a drop of wood in it
It is from IKEA
This is the recycled sweat of Indian children
I'd have to write it on the underwear you are currently wearing
What was her dying act . . . she asked for her husbands underpants and a sharpie
The IRS agent calls back
I'm never going to hear the end of this
I'm working on the windfall
The live show wasn't supposed to be a windfall
I'm supposed to get discovered Mr. B
All we I care about is covering the venue
It's about having fun and hanging out with listeners
Betsy breaks down Kris's Tuesday/Wednesday travel day
Much funnier than his interpretation of it
You are sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher
Barb hires a cleaning company
And they show up unannounced for an assessment
The morning after spaghetti night is a mess
Whatever the dogs didn't eat is left over
Mom walks in everyday at 4
I clean the house everyday, she is my mother
It looks like we have 47 foster children and I think little deaf dog has been peeing on carpet
We're bad suburbanites

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bad suburbanites IRS agent Mercedes that looks like a Ford Aldi's IKEA table

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