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Betsy and her husband Kris Jun 22, 2007

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Kris is funny too
Well, you should be . . . you've been learning for years from me
I should call you "lady ambiguity"
You are like the thing on Lost that traverses the forest
I went through the basement windows
Locked in the basement
I am proud of you Kris, there could have been a jar at your feet
I call the house phone from my cell
Could have opened it with a pair of scissors
You who took the certified to sell the house class
Kris has a cold
Ah, you are so dramatic
So just tell your story Mr. B
I gave up on all of you trying save me
Who's the dumb ass now
It sucks to be locked in a little box doesn't it?
You can hold it till she gets home
I used the escape exit from the basement
Turns out I am not as fat as I think I am
Kris's body dysmorphic disorder
How did you get out of the well?
Very easy, big man struggling out of a small hole
I'm glad it happened
When I met people who listen to the show last year they figured I weighed 800 lbs
The commenter has to be new to the show
Or it is Betsy's mom
Thank you for caring
It doesn't look terrible
Betsy has a lot of stuff
I give Betsy a hard time and she gives me one too
It is part of our schtick
Bety's hair now looks like Eddie Vedder from 1991
Oh, I forgot to tell you
You know how when you are old and you see young kids and say, "They are dressing like that now"
I almost laughed right at them
The hair metal look appears to be back with the kids
You can mess with the Slayer they are not a hair band
The awkward dopey kids
Checking their hair in the mirror
How the hell did I not ever have clue?
That was you nearly 20 years ago
Sweet Pea let me tell you about these boys
The guilty red neck pleasure that Kris has been indulging in
No preventative care for yourself?
The water bottle carrier
Get a really thick leather man belt
One that says Denis Austin?
Bad ass dudes don't give away their belts, they wear them till they fall off
Speaking of jugs
I went T-shirt shopping for you tonight Kris
Margarita Team
Tommy Bahama| ZZ Top on the Apple TV
Selling off the audio equipment for tax loot
Show quality will change a bit, but I am on it today

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