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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 144
0 comments      Added on November 04, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-11-04 Croncast - 2005-11-04.mp3

Show: #185
Length: 34:33
Size: 23.7 mb
Format: mp3

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 144

Show Notes

You wanted it . . . Kris with hair

And Betsy with Maggers

Intro by Regis from The Unemployment Line - Thanks Regis!
Betsy goes crazy with the camera
Kris holds baby at the beginning of the show
Racking up the daddy points
Bush 1 or 2
Not voted back in
Thinking with the baby in your lap
One year of our lives recorded
Now Betsy can't run for office
Sciontology (hehehe)
Video netcasting by NBC5
Kris's balding dome, not so bald these days
A dance named after Kris
I'll do anything for you
Podcast Expo
12 years, two kids, Kris is responsible for it
Funding more #2 meals
Giving the baby a piece of paper
Beef jerky haning from your chest
Primary food sources
Worst places vaginas have been
Somehow to Betsy feet are worse
Officials have access to the goods, Magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 143
0 comments      Added on November 02, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-11-01 Croncast - 2005-11-01.mp3

Show: #184
Length: 37:48
Size: 25.9 mb
Format: mp3

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 143

Show Notes

Betsy's eBay listings link



Show intro
Betsy sings (this is what happens before every show begins)
I am Betsy's bitch
I make her air pop popcorn
Betsy has scaley feet
Betsy wants a pedicure
Putting up a picture of Kris' feet would get us thousands of hits
They would all be men pleasuring themselves until they find out that they are attached to a man with a beard
Betsy is ready to pimp me out instead of podcast
Creeped out spending the dough, dirty stripper money
Kris is still eating the same value meal
Men are too fat when they can no longer see penis in shower
Betsy is watching Oprah again, "Launch your own comeback"
Not wearing makeup
Princess Betsy with lipstick
Bird with plumage
Sexy male birds
Stuffing myself with food to not see penis to keep temptations at bay
Penn and Teller
Betsy's reality shows are now overlapping
Ulga's, Pink Cheeks, hair removal
The Girls Next Door, the Playboy show terrible name
The girls went to get waxes
Adult inside jokes in G and PG movies
Robots, "I get the Brazilian because it makes me feel like it is a fiesta everyday."
What happens when 6 year Ginny says that to her teacher?
PBS whoring out it's cartoon characters for cash
Euphemisms for bodily functions
Kris grew up next to the Montezumas
Kris gets the Hamburger Helper Star of the day
Keys, Cell Phone, Jumpdrive in the left pocket
Wallet, money, change in the right pocket
What you don't know about people you marry until they reveal things many years later
Kris won't call for pizza
I do it for organization
Betsy is going to buy me a girdle so I can see junk again
Having an attack
Don't rock my pocket world
Divorce of the pockets
Betsy's cough for lingers from the sore throat
I'll eat it, but food with hair from the animal that it belongs to are way too gross
Eating a chicken wing and flossing at the same time
I try to Betsy kudos for her meal cooking and somehow it goes back to me throwing a man fit of somekind
Buying a can of Ragu from Walgreens
Reasons housewifedom have come to suit Betsy
Cleaning a house with two screaming kids
Short shout outs for the night, Betsy will get crafty with them for Friday
Croncast has the best listeners
Betsy can't tell me about the poverty book anymore
Female donations

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