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May 2007 Blog

The Gary Busy of animals
0 comments      Added on May 31, 2007 by Kris
Garbage day was today, one day late thanks to the holiday, and the raccoons that usually party at the end of our driveway at 3 a.m. missed their grub.

In response they pulled a Gary Busy on me and when I took the garbage out at 6 a.m. I found that they left me some gifts other than ripped open Chinese take out and half-eaten diapers.

They thought it would be funny to leave me a string of poop down the center of the driveway between the cars. Odd, yes, but I know they are trying send me a message for not making the black bag offering full of kiddie dinner scraps.

And to get even with me? They poop between the cars, knowing full well, that as soon as Elliot runs outside in the morning to go to school and hop in the car he will be blinded by it's shininess, run around like a mad man laughing and yelling about it. Then, when I need to bring him back to earth, I'll have to explain that it came from the crazy raccoons who are threatening us to extort our trash.

He won't believe me. He'll think I'm crazy and tell stories about me for the rest of his life about how his old man thought that the neighborhood animals had a Soprano-esque society that extended to roughing up their human counterparts.

It's true. I swear.

Well, maybe it's not, but damn. Why they gotta poop on the driveway and make me have to clean it up before I've checked my email?

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betsy's on twitter - via twitter
4 comments      Added on May 29, 2007 by Kris
betsy's account as the resale queen.

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My session from the Portable Media Expo 2006 is on GigaVox
3 comments      Added on May 28, 2007 by Kris
My session from the Portable Media Expo 2006 (renamed for 2007 to New Media Expo), "Leveraging Your Knowledge as a Successful Podcasting Consultant" is up now over at GigVox.

So if you want to hear about the fun stuff I was doing in 2006 and the state of podcast consulting and production head on over.

This is what Mark had to say about my session:
"Kris with Palegroove Studios gave the most honest, non sales pitch presentation on podcast consulting. He shared real world numbers, which is rare in this day and age. More power to you."
Mark is a good guy and I didn't even have to pay him or beg for the review last year. Maybe this year ;-).

  New Media Expo  Portble Media Expo 2007  Kris Smith  Podcast Consulting  Podcast production  GigaVox  


Today's show will be up later today
2 comments      Added on May 28, 2007 by Kris

Been a while since I posted one of these, but today's show, like the title says, is going to be late. The pic above is but a small portion of the Croncast goodness to come.

We're going to be late not because of the holiday but more so that Betsy and I found time for a much needed conversation last night about our current state of affairs. Like most things in life it happened at the same time we were supposed to be doing something else . . . like the show.

Most of the discussion focused on how it sucks and feels almost like we are not coming clean because for some topics that are really big in our lives we have to be cryptic about for the show. And, like the show, I am being so here, sorry.

To figure out what I am talking about pull out your cryptic topic code breaker and spin the dial a bit to left and then back to the right for television show references. The decoder says, "Fred and Barney drove to this every day." Hmmm . . . Flinstones reference no good . . . must twist dial again. The decoder says, "Ricky Gervais import starring characters Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott." The cryptic topic code breaker says that is the best it can do.

  The Flinstones  memorial day 2007  Ricky Gervais  Dwight Shrute  late show  


There's something in the air, be it a meme?
0 comments      Added on May 25, 2007 by Kris
Just saw this in the Techmeme feed. Holy shit! I wrote my post a few minutes ago and I'm not even a news guy like Andy Kessler. It needs to happen.

Hearst doesn't need to fire their people, they just need to get it on.


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