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November 2004 Shows

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris - Ep.5
0 comments      Added on November 30, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-11-30-2 Croncast-2004-11-30-2.mp3

Length: 20:36
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 9.43 mb

Special edition Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris, to stop the shakes from not recording a podcast for 3 days. Three whole days . . . Jesus Christ . . . what was I thinking?

My secret is to record as long as a guest can stand it and then split the time up into separate shows. Guess it's not so secret now.

Today's Show

Secret is out
Miss Elizabeth Smith, Mrs. I mean
Where's the ring?
No talking about the mics
Kris needs a 'funky bunch'
Shane is MIP (missing in podcasting) we miss him
Turkeys in Hawaii
What do turkeys eat
Supersize Me - Why? I live it.
The prgnancy fat for three
Send us baby names -
Pearl is good but for grannies - Betsy
Kris sends out message
We should change last name
Only marry people within 5 letters of the begining of your own.
Schmutz' and Skaggs'
The teeth, again
People with straight teeth don't listen to this show
Dental insurance
Kris is a poster boy for wearing your retainer
Shout out to Podcat
Kris' teeth lower Betsy's I.Q.
Send us baby names -
Show dedicated to you
Baby stuff over taking studio
Fuck this - psuedo church
"I see a dollar"
Bare minumum $600 eBay queen
Christmas is a christian holiday?
Can't buy a lottery ticket with PayPal debit card
Kris's eBay negatives
T's for $.50
Wrap it up

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Croncast - John and his friend Kris - Ep. 2
0 comments      Added on November 30, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-11-30 Croncast-2004-11-30.mp3

Back with John Wohlers for day two and a bit about his home automation fetish.

Length: 36:27
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 16.7 mb

Today's Show

John returns
Renn faire affair wrap up
Talking 10,000 ren faire photos
Automate that house X10 passion
The Pronto 500 Remote from Philips
Programming a Pronto - device breakdown
Powerline carriers
John's house controlled via web
Laziness is the mother of invention
Edison and recording
Kris uses word lexicon
Odyssey - Gretchen Helfrich WBEZ Chicago
The Odyssey secret to production
RPR - Red Neck Public Radio
How long is too long
$$$ for home automation
Mr. House
Robo Sapien
Betsy will buy it for a $.25 and sell it to you for $300
Kris thanks John
John says he likes show
Dave and the HeathKit Robot
The commands
Where did it begin for John
Punch card playtime
Kris thanks John for PHP/MySQL help
Kris got some ideas, scheme maybe
Come back tomorrow John
More life box

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Croncast - John and his friend Kris - Ep. 1
0 comments      Added on November 29, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-11-29 Croncast-2004-11-29.mp3

Length: 30:05
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 13.8 mb

Today I interviewed John Wohlers about his renaissance faire lifestyle and his documentation over the last 5 years.

Today's Show

Welcome to monday
Poultry disease
The community college
John and Philip
The opens life box
Ren faire documentation
All the faires
Ren lot lizards
Boob painting
Busted by Betsy in Las Vegas
John stores all information in his watch
13,614 photos of various ren faires
Faire maidens
Ripping John

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Croncast - Kristopher Smith - 11/26/2004
0 comments      Added on November 26, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-11-26 Croncast-2004-11-26.mp3

Length: 35:14
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 16.17 mb

Today's Show

Phillip Torrone
Goodwill get back
Sponge Bob Movie
What Kris wants for Christmas
Shipping in camel shaped boxes
Child in street or microphones
Kris's good will and holiday cheer
What the kids will get
Army recruiting

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Croncast - Kristopher Smith - 11/25/2004
0 comments      Added on November 25, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-11-25 Croncast-2004-11-25.mp3

Length: 41:02
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 18.8 mb

Episode 2 With Mike Vester, How to become an overnight success in the music business in 15 years. I talk with Mike about what is has taken him over the years to gain a fulltime lifestyle as a musician, i.e. creeping up on the 'big break'. Mike is my friend and this was a fun pocast.

Today's Show

Boxing day
NBA brawlers
FCC should censor the stands
Lip synching Kravitz
SNL and Paul Simon
HHS - hired helps syndrome
Broken Vegas at UTR in Chicago
Recorded live in studio for 7 tracks
What it means to be successful
UTR wireless
Kris figures out the meaning of life
Big mistake southern accent
Itch or scratch
Elvis was really big
Who's gonna pay up
Audio makes it all
More studio talk

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