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Betsy and her husband Kris Nov 29, 2006
8 comments      Added on November 29, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris November 29, 2006

Don't forget you can leave comments at any time on the site
Okay Mr. B, it's hard to buy for a Puffy Cuffs
It appears that I am going to be getting my own QVC clothes for Christmas
You sound like someone who would wear Carson
Kris isn't sure about this
Just make sure it's all on one hanger, Betsy
I would choose not to wear
Betsy is a liar . . . here's the post we mention on the show
Back in the cave man days you would protect my seeds
EGL = Evil, Greedy and a Liar
Betsy just builds upon our lives
Betsy Smith and Kofi Annan cage match
It has gotten under Betsy's skin
It could be a woman
Somehow selling on eBay is evil?
It was all of things in Resale Queen that pushed him over the edge
Cabbage salad
No problem it bounces right off
If I am truly being taken as the Resale Queen I need to sell some stuff
Betsy was eaves dropping
The white swimsuit on a 10 year old . . . Kris doesn't get it
Betsy says worst idea ever
Another reality show idea from Betsy
Find an Elmo TMX in the next 20 minutes
If you were single Betsy no man would marry you with your eBay addiction
And she would drive an El Camino and a homemade plywood trailer
Nobody would bite me
Seller mad time
Time to thin the horde
Donations, donations and donations for the kids

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Betsy and her husband Kris Nov 27, 2006
6 comments      Added on November 27, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris November 27, 2006

Here with the two things that must happen: draining water and my American baby
Equating 'Christian' to all Christians including the scientists and the evangelicals
Betsy was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor
Coming off the pseudo holiday vacation
The big plate
My Fiestaware is full
Betsy sort of regrets doing the CSM interview
"I wasn't quoted that accurately"
Yes you were
The demand and filling it . . . pimps could use the same line of reasoning
Betsy is not the evil resale queen of eBay
This is what they said about you
"Smith probably won't be one of the big spenders"
That will be on tombstone
It was true . . . but it made me sound like . . .
The toy experts think that is is stupid
Betsy says the same thing except she'll still sell you one
Kris thinks it was a window into Betsy
I'll suggest an article about workaholic daddies
"My life is tough"
In the trenches with 6 year old
Hanging with family on the holiday
Are they bating me or is this a real topic?
Your parents knew . . . just chose to ignore it
The destination Grizzly Jack's
Betsy wants the pool to open at 6 am without lifeguards
"Chubb rub down the water slide" all night
The ultimate buy your kid a popsicles and a beer for yourself
Wisconsin right here in Illinois
The greatest Italian beef sandwich of all time
Waiting in a restaurant with 3 babies and a toddler
"It's good cause it's spicy"
Baby, that was hot Oscar Meyer beef processed in a factory
You may die tomorrow but just eat it
Was I as a kid it tasted different
Kris was 19 before he ever had Chinese
It's the same stuff you eat everyday, just chopped up smaller
Betsy has to bring up my mom, thanks
The Little Tikes Activity Garden that was sold out from underneath Gigi
Yes, yes . . . please leave now
There's two things at work here
Betsy's humor out of context with her body language and affect missing she comes off harsh
Kris isn't sure that he knows that person
Betsy says that Kris is shoving Betsy into fame two hands on her fanny
"Why don't you just let me dumpster dive and raise your children. That's all I want to do."
Weekend discoveries
We saw The Black Keys Saturday night
It's not the same song
A man singing about himself and his peanut butter sandwich
Kris goes deep
Betsy nominates Kris to be neighborhood Santa
Kris takes it personally
Betsy, "I thought you had the body type for it."

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Betsy and her husband Kris Nov 22, 2006
4 comments      Added on November 22, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris November 22, 2006

We were hitting on all cylinders for this show.

I blow the date . . . today is the 22nd
The foreigner (I say in jest) spamming our contact form
I blow this too on the show and say "comment" I meant contact
Contact spam is out of control
Opt-in spamming
Kris can't stand up to his mom with boundaries
Thanks for the donations!
Button will up today
Ugly puggles
Betsy moves eBay pile under the desk
The Grimace couch has arrived
Betsy's newest resale friend
No new show Friday . . . expect a vacation show for sentimental value

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Betsy and her husband Kris Nov 20, 2006
8 comments      Added on November 20, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris November 20, 2006

It's a comments show thanks to Nick T.
Is Nick T. real?
Kris doesn't think so
Not gonna break down that wall
Betsy is gonna read the email
Turns out she reads it in a Tiny Tim voice
"Nick . . . our kids are in bed. It's my time to be an adult"
"What is compelling about our show to a 10 year old"
Nick is Kris from the future
The allure of 30 year olds hanging out on the cul de sac
Did Nick's parents put him up to it?
Betsy says she swears a lot for an adult
Betsy, "My life revolves around sippy cups and wiping people."
If it is real I am all for it
I new I was never going to get a job in the FBI
What would I do if the kids were awake
Elliot knows the Goodwill employees by name and length of employment
Do you think we should stop swearing?
Kris lays down the documentation of what we documented when we started the podcast
Betsy wants to stop selling junk and sell cars
She could take smoking up again and drink on the job
In 2006 with the Pomade in the hair . . . creepy
Her male co-workers would be in for it
The man really make all the big decisions
Man soap and deodorant
Too much hygienic responsibility for one man to take
High fa luting tooth brushes for the bear
It's too easy not gonna turn that one around on you
Being repossessed with your car
Ben's "Barf" comment
Barf means snow

When you gave that presentation in 5th grade did you show photo
Let me tell you about my dad's Nova
It was a grass killer, worm farm starter and plant holder
The old school steering wheel
The back seat was plywood with foam on top covered in denim
Did you wear a seat belt or bungee cord?
I was free range
Stuck my leg in the door and got leg closed in door
And Kris puked immediately
It hurt like the "dickens" . . . just for Nick T.
Mustache of grass 10 inches high
What happened to the Nova?
It eventually was removed upon municipal ordinance
It was the beginning of my worm farm days
Running the hose under the car at dusk to come and collect night -crawlers
The microphone comment and email . . . this is special
Congratulations to Dave and to Dave and Melissa
I'm sure he became more attractive after he opened the envelope
Kris would be a malpractice lawyer for patients suing cosmetic surgeons
Words of advice from Kris, go after Dr. 90210
Betsy can relate
"We need a hot cameraman," Betsy
PodCampWest talk on Wednesday

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  Barf detergent  Dr. 90210  PodCampWest  rusty chevy nova  plywood car seat  


Betsy and her husband Kris Nov 17, 2006
0 comments      Added on November 17, 2006 by Kris
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Show: #303
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Betsy and her husband Kris November 17, 2006

Hey guys, no time for show notes right now I gotta run.

Have a good weekend!

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