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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 17
0 comments      Added on December 31, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-12-31 Croncast - 2004-12-31.mp3

Show: #43
Length: 37:38
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 17.2 mb

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 17

Today‚ show is co-hosted with Betsy.


Well, the baby named herself. You're going to have to listen to find out what it is.

Have a happy new year and have a great weekend.

Today's Show

Happy New Year
Hope 2005 doesn't suck!
Space alien listeners
That's Betsy
Check us out at
Betsy asks, "What is an RSS feed?"
I open the program
Stroller collection websites
Barbie jeep for stroller?
Captain America
Muffin can out run the Lincoln
The name isn't Pearl
More email to Ms. Kris Smith
Betsy wouldn't have conceded
The man wants to be a window washer
More parenting issues involving Kris
Betsy tells the man he can't vote republican
Colin and Jeb
It's all about the bureaucracy
Germans and Canadians in Cuba
Betsy isn't going to send her sister
Reading Bushwacked
Goodwill rules of conduct
The Goodwill podumentary
Play date business cards
Thanks to all guests and other shout outs
Today is show 41
Happy New Year!

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Croncast - Jolie and her friend Kris Ep. 1 (remix)
0 comments      Added on December 30, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-12-30 Croncast - 2004-12-30.mp3

Length: 42:21
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 19.4 mb

Croncast - Jolie and her friend Kris Ep. 1 (remix)

My guest for today cancelled out early so I put together this special edition remix.

Today's show is a remix of the show from December 24, 2004 with Jolie Holland. I've mixed in some songs and done a little more production work that I should have done when I put the show together the first time.

This was a huge honor for me and something I have been looking forward to for the past month. If you've been following the show I am sure you understand.

Jolie talks a little on her past musical experiences, how she found my blog and why it was funny (she thought I was 70, true dat), what it is like to be on Anti Records, other stuff and my favorite . . . a possibly soon to be released live CD and maybe video of the session. For the rest of it you'll have to listen to the show.

Upcoming tour dates.

Today's Show

Kris says why he's excited today . . .
Jolie Holland is today's guest
Sold my soul to get show out today
Check out Jolie
Jolie talks about the Boulder ukulele
The language used in articles to describe Jolie's music
J.R. to Johnny
A job based on personal eccentricities
Making music that has a unique quality
Multiple interpretations
Escondida, escondido which?
Are those cows?
The rest of the audio landscape
It's cold in Chicago
Kris' audio nerdery takes over
Jolie recorded live and possible CD release of show
Record deals
Jolie talks about her relationship with Anti and its artists
Working with and for other musicians
Chickens laying eggs for business people
The Anti roster
Tom Waits
Nick Cave
Kris' music choices are depressing in general
The Black Keys
Gaining real fans who are into your music for the music
Kris thanks Jolie for putting us on the guest list in Chicago
Jolie comments on my critique of the first Chicago show
Move to suburbs and get soft
Seth's lullaby
Be Good Tanya's break-in
"We all choose our level of difficulty."
Where our stories come from
Maybe when I'm 75 people will listen to me
How your band becomes family
I knew Betsy was the one immediately
Jolie's boyfiend knew
Picking citrus on the date that wasn't a date but was
Skype dies
Jolie picks Periphery Waltz from Catalpa
Thanks for listening

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 16
0 comments      Added on December 29, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-12-29 Croncast - 2004-12-29.mp3

Length: 30:53
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 14.1 mb

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 16

Today's show is with Croncast co-host Betsy.

Yup, the show is late today not becuase I am lazy, but Betsy needed to hit her resale shops and Goodwill.

Today's Show

Betsy is back for her Wednesday appearance
Betsy is paid for
The last book Kris read
New baby name choice - Sophia
The Sophia Story
Bill had nothing
Doing all right
Let me finish my story
No more women on the show . . . not really
The benefits of marriage
Women and singleness
The man wants mamma . . . daddy
Goodwill is good fodder
Sophia . . . Sophie same thing
It's Swedish
Pickled herring is gross
Spaghetti with bacon? Yup, Swedish spaghetti.
Baby kicking Betsy's ribs
Used to recommend alcohol to calm child
Better bathrooms, Goodwill or Taco Bell?
My son is big at Goodwill
"How do get Kris to pick up after himself?"
Advice and no action
Let me put a virus on your computer to show you
I'm a woman . . . I don't know
Don't piss off the people who make your food
The packing peanuts
Betsy crushing peanuts
The baby is defending Kris
The bathrooms were filthy because there were no women around to clean them
Kris needs to say thank you
"Don't kill people" - the resale store signange
"Friends don't shoot friends"
Resale shop goods from North Shore
The pissing sticker "RICE"
Mr. Camaro mudflap mullet man
Where is my ultra body shampoo
He makes it to Goodwill himself
Wrapping it up

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Croncast - Dan and his friend Kris Ep. 1
0 comments      Added on December 28, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-12-28 Croncast - 2004-12-28.mp3

Length: 50:29
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 23.1 mb

Croncast - Dan and his friend Kris Ep. 1

Today's show is with my good friend Dan Balzer, an instructional designer. Dan and I have worked on many projects together and usually seem to learn atleast one valuable lesson per project.

The show today focuses on the role of podcasting in society, in technology and as a cultural phenomenon.

Today's Show

Notes will be up later today . . . for now I must clean the garage.

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 15
0 comments      Added on December 27, 2004 by Kris

Croncast 2004-12-27 Croncast - 2004-12-27.mp3

Length: 25:14
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64k
Size: 11.5 mb

Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 15

Today's show is Besty and Kris getting warmed up after the holiday weekend. We're both still sick so today's show is a shorter than usual and probably even less focused.

Starting today we've moved th show to a new format that listeners can count on:

M W F - Croncast will be co-hosted Betsy
T Th - Crocast will be hosted by Kris and he will speak with a guest

I imagine that once we are both over our illnesses things will get back to the pace they were before with banter, humor and the same sounds (sans coughing) that you are used to.

Today's Show

URLs and email
New format
Betsy has a fever
Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend
Betsy got a new purse
The fever and the baby
Kris plays wrong show for family
New listener welcome
More coughing
More devices
Apology for Thursday's show
More nose blowing
Playing no more shows for family
Don't want to talk about about it
Coughing, nose blowing and more coughing
January 26 not July 28th
12 days of podcasting
Pay up first
Kris needs a new toothbrush
Not pregnant for 4-6 hours
Kris' Museum of Science and Industry family pass
Private bathrooms and member lounge
Cough cough cough
Not going to rub the feet
Snow in Texas
Frontline show about evil Wal-Mart
Horrible credit card company
The need to breed, new house . . . new baby
Name her Mabel
Betsy is the most competitive person on Earth
Baseline for money
Temperature time
Why did Santa bring me too much stuff?
Betsy leaves to call doctor
Send get well messages to Betsy
Thank last week's guests - Susan, Amy, Shane, Betsy and Jolie

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