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December 2006 Shows

Betsy and her husband Kris Dec 29, 2006
10 comments      Added on December 29, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris December 29, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by Mike Marusin.

Betsy does up a little ditty for Mike
She can never remember the day
"Mrs. Smith . . . it's 1 o'clock . . . it was a half-day of school"
Major mommy screw ups
Baby I got two New Years resolutions
Number 1 - I am done making fun of you and Goodwill
It's all about the Booba in 2007

I'm gonna start with one Coach wallet and turn it into a small fortune
And then I'm just gonna sit on it and make you ask
I know someone told it was a bad idea to go to the coach outlet
Number 2 - make sweet love to another woman
Look what I have over here . . . steak knives
I tried to make today go well with two trips to Goodwill
Betsy can't find her glasses
They are not in the Smith Man Pit
Baby, look at me . . . you know I am kidding
I just wanted to rile you up a bit
Well you can get all riled up on the couch tonight watching the Spice channel

So we had an email asking for the cast of characters from Goodwill
An entire show dedicated to the folks
Betsy actually wrote them out
Finishing the story of Rumple Snatch before the name reveal
When good art and story telling is at its finest
Goodwill stories for two years
Her life sucks
Why do you go there now?
Even management ends up with special character names
Betsy needs a Russian translator
People think I'm harsh on the resale tip . . . check out Betsy's mom
Betsy's urge to purge thanks to Virginia Slim and crew
More pictures or the pictures that people asked for
We'll be back on Monday

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  Mike Marusin  Coach outlet  Smith Man Pit  Rumple Snatch  Spice channel  


Betsy and her husband Kris Dec 27, 2006
2 comments      Added on December 27, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris December 27, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by Jennifer Rush. Thanks Jennifer!

Short show notes . . . Gigi woke up about half way through the show and we end it a bit early. So you get about 2/3'rds of a regular show.

Don't forget about my man
Kris is funny like codfish
Arch enemies slash co-workers at Goodwill
It is a cart
This is not your field of expertise . . . stand back
Pit stained shirts
She comes out with a coat
Like hitting a coal vein
She has to brag that she found a Burberry coat
Rumple Snatch meet Virginia Slim
Betsy is worried that she is going to become the crazy hoarder chick
She has a disease that makes her collect things
What is wrong with men . . . American men
The questions we ask our ladies
Probably one of the worst search terms that got our show as a result

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  Burberry coat  Jennifer Rush  Rumple Snatch  Gigi  Virginia Slim  


Betsy and her husband Kris Dec 25, 2006
7 comments      Added on December 25, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris December 25, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by The Zeliffs
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Yup, a Christmas day show for those who celebrate and those who don't
We celebrate on Christmas Eve
How come the phone is ringing?
Why are neighbors stopping by?
Oh yeah
The beaten turkey a few years ago
Returned the meat to the store
He wasn't part of the status quo
He wants to be free-range
Beat him in front of the other turkeys make sure they see it
The group home kids are opening their stuff right now
Thanks to you guys who donated for the cause
Not wanting to get official
We just wanted to collect the money
Now we have some ChildServ corporate listeners
Back to Christmas . . . wasn't my dinner spectacular
Tackling the gifts that have been waiting
Pulling Christmas names
They would brawl . . . they could do it on the Wii
I go first, no you go first . . . my dad would trip on the way down the stairs
Now there are all these people and kids
Kris why are you being such an asshole
Have you ever had to take an intermission with gift opening?
We'll have to rethink it
Opening gifts all at the same time
I'm gonna get cake . . . who wants cake?
Could have gotten the kids two things
Digital picture prints for Betsy
When you're a mom you can't go through all the digital photos to print
Pictures of everyone
Worst hair choices for the past few years
Betsy sees the short hair picture and says lemme do it again
Dangly earings, denim jacket and Indigo Girls in the back ground
Patches of Mr. B hair all over the place
Betsy had blocked it out of her memory
What a bad decision
It's not even a pretty color it is dirt brown
Hair today gone tomorrow gift certificate
The investment in head shaving
Red for a couple days . . . it's hat season
Us bald guys we get chilly
Why would I want my eyebrows done
The in between part
Self-image change
It's a Van Dyke not a Goatee . . . it can't be
The sizes need to be set for the daddies who are shopping at the last minute
What about earings?
No I asked for a ring with nothing sticking up
No, no, no I just need a ring
The fact that it doesn't fit is not cool
Unique like my baby
Return it and go to Costco
Hey Mr. B . . . thanks for your gift . . . I'd like to return it . . . Let's go to Costco
Yeah, yeah, no, no you can't do that
Just get sized
Maybe that hurt my feelings a bit
Dry cleaning chemicals are really Febreeze
I loved your present Mr. B
Gotta give it up so I'm not into it out of love
I tore it up on my ribs
I rolled over in the middle of the night and I whimpered
If you wanna be a boxer grow some balls
I'm knocking you out
Pictures straight from the Wii
Adding all of your Wii Friend Codes
Like a build a bear
What are the Pagans doing?
Better yet what are the Universalist Unitarians?
Dancing around the saturnalia tree

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  Wii Friend Code  free-rang turkey  digital prints  saturnalia tree  dangly earings  


Betsy and her husband Kris Dec 22, 2006
4 comments      Added on December 22, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris December 22, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by Craig Patchett
Sorry for this one Craig but I was in a bad mood last night and the show . . . well . . . it is shorter than usual, we owe you 4 minutes or so
Black Box Wine drink it like a spigot
I is like a giant juice box
That is the nice part about living with your mom
Franzia, no it is not Franzia
"Better than Franzia in small print"
I don't need any of that
The cell phone photo
Discarded prophylactic on the sidewalk
It was really the parking garage
Not common in a corporate parking garage
Betsy thinks it is normal for a suburban swampland
I know you were pretty young, mr ziploc
Wanna see where I took all my dates
It looked like a slasher set
Let's go take a look at the stars
When you're 16 it works
Discard the Cub Foods bag totally loaded
So where are they gonna go kick it Mr. B?
Behind Old Navy? No. Because freaks like me need cardboard
It is just something that you can't discard
Getting a Hep shot
Most people need them not catch if from the K-mart bathroom
Yes I did get super outraged
Betsy reads about herpies . . . Kris gets cold sores . . .NO HE DOES NOT
That's ok Kris I have come to grips with your disease
I don't have cold sores
Stress . . . bleedy pockets, are you nuts! . . . canker sores
The Monday role reversal
Listening to old shows and Betsy says some mean things to Kris
Betsy has broken down and is back at Goodwill
It's like selling Italian ice in the middle of winter
I wasn't going to tell you that I was going
But they had something perfect for you
Betsy calls and asks me to send her money
I never complain when she asks for Goodwill loot
Karma says Betsy should be there
And so did Kris
Kris's little country ditty for Betsy
"I swore off Goodwill on a Sunday, I was back at store opening on Monday"
Maggie got some pretty Barbies
I got you something the other day . . . I gotta wash it first
"You can't put this in the show notes"
Cut two sides out of a white kitchen back and wear it around all day
Thank god for internet porn
Kris really wants a . . . yeah 10 years ago
It was a lifestyle thing
Betsy finally tells me what she wants instead of reading between the lines
I'll probably drop it in the tub with you in it
We will be back on Christmas day!!
Find a quite corner on Monday and listen to the show all by yourself

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  Craig Patchett  Black Box wine  Franzia  Discarded prophylactic  canker sores  bleedy pockets  


Betsy and her husband Kris Dec 20, 2006
7 comments      Added on December 20, 2006 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris December 20, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by Jason Corbett
Looking across at Betsy
She looks like she is 5 minutes from rehab
She's wearing a black wife-beater with no bra
Baby, are you ready to party?
I'm back from the battlefront
I'm not sure what volumizing foam is
I was off to be the world's best slightly damaged reseller
Formulating a plan with her apprentice Vicky
What do they go for on eBay?
The hooker references run thin
The day started off on a bad foot
Maggie wanted to know why she's not in a cart
Who are these well behaved babies?
Kate Spade garden tool holders
Dooney was the next stop
I was prepared, I had done the research
I have never seen you look like this . . . beyond disheveled
Trying to look like a mommy
Isn't professional shopping illegal?
Every woman on the face of the earth is technically a professional shopper
They know people do this . . . they sell more units
Maggie looks around and lets out a primal scream
Carry the baby out in a duffel
It appears that someone stuffed my baby in a duffel bag
Pacifying the child with treats
Goodwill experience is that all the items are for play, not Dooney
Maggie loves purses, pink and tacky pink Dooney's do it for her
Cookie in a bag
We have this plan
Do you think that grandma would like this wristlet
It's day one and Kris gets to say I told you so
Everything that was there that was good is gone
Yep I get to say I told you so
Out of Dooney and over to Coach cause the plan is failing already
Whole store 20% off
But the items sell in store for the eBay price
Coach purse creed
Fakers usually don't bother
Betsy changes the subject to the Wii
I am sore from the Wii, Betsy
The tennis is really awesome, I'm halfway to pro and I haven't left the basement
Who else get's you to do something three times a week
I some domains . . . I forgot this on the show, thanks to Craig's idea
Here's the video

Fat people listen to me, a fellow fat person
Seeing the side profile in a mirror
Rick was almost knocked out with my man wings
We're going to try to lose some weight
You just called me fat
Here's the doman . . . (ready saturday)
You're tricking me into blogging again Kris
I love your plan, small favor I expect payment
Betsy wants a nanny
Kris, you can pick the nanny
You might be the only woman on the planet who tells her husband you pick the nanny
Yep, pick a hot one I don't care
Seeking one nanny willing to get implants, paying minimum wage
Do you trust the minimum wage sitter?
Terrible parenting, I'm not going to talk about it (not our parenting)
She can talc down my man wings
They are man lumps
Kris reads the inch comment email that came in
You gain an inch for every 30 pounds, this lady is happy
Special meaning to pinch an inch
Two people are enjoying those extra inches

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  Dooney and Bourke outlet  Coach outlet  Kate Spade garden tool holders  professional shopping  

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