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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 43
0 comments      Added on February 28, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-02-28 Croncast - 2005-02-28.mp3

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 43

Becaon News (a local paper) online version
The PDF with photos is right-cheer.

The start of the new M-W-F schedule of shows while we prepare for the baby to come in the next few weeks and continue to record extra shows for use once the new one arrives.

Today Betsy welcomes the end of the month, Kris and Betsy's love of the Peach Blueberry muffin, the "wave" gum, tractor brand affiliation and Gung-Ho references.

Local paper runs Sunday article about Betsy and I, the online version no photo and the scanned PDF is right-cheer. Betsy and I want to thank the writer David Garbe and the photographer for taking the time to hang out with us. The best part of the article is that Betsy gets the "podcaster" label.

Most people we told missed the article because it was in the business section, even though it was on the front page. Guess our friends didn't know that section existed.

Betsy gets a special call from her "eccentric" father after his return from the Antarctic upon his reading of the article and uses her Vicky voice in this show.

That's the wrap up. Give us some votes at Podcast Alley today when you have a chnace.

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 42
0 comments      Added on February 25, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-02-25 Croncast - 2005-02-25.mp3

Show: #82
Length: 25:29
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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 42

Bingo addiction. Keeping it real.

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Croncast - Kris goes solo Ep. 6
0 comments      Added on February 24, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-02-24 Croncast - 2005-02-24.mp3

Show: #81
Length: 6:41
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Croncast - Kris goes solo Ep. 6

Short show dedicated to my wife Besty where I profess my love . . . and talk nerd stuff.

I plug a real-time stats application called TFS (twenty-four-seven) from It is PHP/MySQL driven and I love it. The problem is that it doesn't work with WordPress 1.5.

If you want real-time stats PHP/MySQL based for WP 1.5 pick up TrackPro 2 from Curve 2 Design.

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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 41
0 comments      Added on February 23, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-02-23 Croncast - 2005-02-23.mp3

Show: #80
Length: 17:41
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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 41

This is the show that I said we would do last Monday. We kind of hurry through today's show because the guy who was coming to take photos was late.

I get into the wild game dinner that I attended as a kid at a local junkyard . . . salvage as the folks here in the suburbs would call it, the buffalo that lived across the street from me as a kid, Betsy gets into how her dad took her to an illegal farm or as I now will call it, "A slaughter it yourself grocery" with many other kinds of wild game that I have never had the pleasure of eating . . . like alligator gibblets.

Again it is probably another don't eat while listening show. We have to stop doing these. But it is a funny show and gets straight to the point. Maybe we should always have peopel come over so we can just get to the meat.

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Croncast - Todd and his friend Kris Ep. 1
0 comments      Added on February 22, 2005 by Kris

Croncast 2005-02-22 Croncast - 2005-02-22.mp3

Show: #79
Length: 60:47
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 64 kbs
Size: 27.8 mb

Croncast - Todd and his friend Kris Ep. 1

Well . . . we break the 60 minute barrier today. Long show but full of good stuff with Todd from Bridge Communications, also known as the "PR Guy" at the house. Todd is handling public relations, press releases and copy writitng for me (Palegroove Studios).

Todd brought in questions for me for this interview and I thought they might have something to do with the launch of Palegroove but I was wrong. It is a listener play along game composed of current events where you, yes you get the chance to out smart me. Turns out that it isn't that hard. Good luck.

We also get into why I started Palegroove Studios, my vision of what makes a good podcasting, my vision of the future of pocasting and of course my passion for it. I love it. And like I would say on the show I fucking love it. Todd probably won't approve the language but that is how he helps.

With that I would like to formally thank Todd for all of his hard work over the past two weeks to get Palegroove Studios out in front of many people, his excellent copy writing and last but not least his new friendship.

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