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Betsy and her husband Kris Feb 28, 2007
10 comments      Added on February 28, 2007 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris February 28, 2007

It's the last show until April 2nd . . . and I am sick! Not on the show, but today.

Betsy and I want to thank all of you for listening, emailing, commenting and becoming close to us. Doing the show is something that we love to do and are amazed most of the time that it can bring people to laughing wildly and looking awkward in places like offices, trains, planes, cubes, cancer research labs or in their car when people pull up next to them and stare.

Starting later today there will be two nerdish ways to catch up on Croncast.

I will put up two new RSS feeds, one that will let you download 1 show per every weekday from the beginning of the show and another that is "Catch up with Croncast in 22 days". This RSS feed will deliver 1 of 22 shows on weekdays the entire month of March. It's like the first feed just for those who want to catch up quickly . . . if an entire month is quick!

And for those of you without the patience for either check out the archive page. The easiest way to download past shows is to subscribe to a set of 5 RSS feeds that I have put together and will have a little later today. That way you can download 'til your Croncast fix is met.

There are no show notes for today's show. Betsy and I have a great time to start off the show for 10 minutes and then get down to talking about something that made 2006 a very interesting year for us. You'll just have to listen to find out what that was.

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Betsy and her husband Kris Feb 26, 2007
     Added on February 26, 2007 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris February 26, 2007

Betsy cranked out some more Resale Queen posts
I added a little widget that pulls you posts into Croncast
At least you can pretend
You're like my management
No I haven't seen the scissors, just the knife
Dog head collar in a homemade envelope
There's only two things shipped in that style of envelope . . . dope or anthrax
Sending packages through USPS media mail
Only books but nothing you wrote yourself
You're gonna tell me that you pay some ogre to open dirty books?
Any likeness to the real guy "One Eye" Pete is unintended
Are postal jobs hard to get?
We're not talking about Jeanie's mom
Taking disability and as a result you can have a post office job
Kris hired the crazy guy that worked at the post office
Yes, Betsy, he talked to his soup and giggled all the time
Little white guy, glasses
Yes, he had his car stolen three times a week and refused to move
He was a Vietnam Vet
Great guy
The Boulder Vet with his Duke's of Hazzard uncle Jesse look
So he was the Boulder information booth
Maybe he was on his lunch break
The FedEx people . . . I like them a lot there more laid back
Anything beyond a lobster
Did you know that you can ship 60,000 chickens through the mail
"I gotta get these chickens to Detroit in a week. Can you ship them?"
Putting the dog on the APC at the post office
Our 16 lbs. golden retriever arrives at our destination
I want that to be us
I want to be the old couple in the RV at Cracker Barrel and watch you walk our Pomeranian
Kris standing in his overalls and shiny sports jacket embroidered with "Betsy's Bitch"
My vision is you dressed super puffy cuff with a baby bjorn with the dog in it
Point of contention and Kris's car
It's what you are doing to my car
You're destroying my car
I'm just not into details
When I pull up into the resale shop in your Jag and I have to think twice about where to park it
You need to be driving the Volvo
Fancy schemlly coffee that has spilled all over in it
I'm calling you out on the show finally to make my point
I'll fill my car up tomorrow with your money
Betsy scraps with the loose cannon owner of the local gas station
He's an asshole . . . baby no he's not
Your card is no good
Crazy eBay lady just leave
I wanted to throw a donut at him
I got men to take care of
Soap, razors . . . those are expensive Mr. B
Can't you go with a single blade?
You'll get a rough more manly look
I have been converted to the more blades the better crowd
Why don't you use the power stuff?
Coming Wednesday . . . blowing a lot of dough, Kris comes clean

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Check a news post for a new RSS feed for getting archive shows on weekdays one at a time
Send us a message or comment on the blog post soon to follow with the day of your favorite show for running in March "Catch up with Croncast in 22 days"

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Betsy and her husband Kris Feb 23, 2007
3 comments      Added on February 23, 2007 by Kris
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Betsy and her husband Kris February 23, 2007

A little late, a little under the weather
Do you need your inhaler?
I had that last winter not this
I'm surprised that you don't come home with an 8 inch needle
Wrong site surgery type issues
You can only put this behind his knee
I won't even let them plug him in
You would go in for an appendectomy and come out without nipples
You never heard Pink Floyd
The Wall was built up as such a classic but
The brain doesn't function the way is used too
It's all down hill from here
My pores are getting bigger
Double and triple hairs coming out of the same follicle
The cure for cancer has been put off a day
Betsy reads the email
No more Croncast while loading agarose gel
It does contribute!
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Betsy is going to take real estate classes!
I am so proud of you
So here's my LSAT story, Bears
Can I have that cross-stitched and hung on the wall
No being able to sell murder mcmansions is like being locked out of goodwill
I'm not like Donald Trump . . . I am keeping all of my hair
Early morning TV is quite possibly the prime example of our civilization's decline
Maggie counting with Sesame Street
Elliot has never been engaged by television
I was pack him a little hobo bag
"You can't hit your sister when she goes on on the potty!!!"
Don't forget that we are taking off the month of March
Send us an email . . . come up with some things that would make Croncast better for you
Nobody likes Dr. Phil and no one wants to be married to him

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Betsy and her husband Kris Feb 21, 2007
6 comments      Added on February 21, 2007 by Kris
Croncast 2007-02-21 align= Croncast - 2007-02-21.mp3
Show: #340
Length: 35:09
Size: 24.1mb
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Betsy and her husband Kris February 21, 2007

Audience Survey, please fill this out for us
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We don't trust you for vacations or cars
How creepy you are
Sitting at dinner and you'd bust out a stat on listener age
I don't want to change the show
I tries a demo plug
Who would advertise on our podcast?
Brand association
Dancing George Bushes
How do we add that to an audio podcast?
This show is brought to by a lot of people
Kris botches all the names
Sue B, I am sorry
So you have something for me that is disturbing and disgusting
For the last half hour you made me watch the NBC sex predator show
Sir is there anything that you want to say?
Sounds like vague entrapment
Get an attorney
That is when you end up with a female judge
They end up living in a trailer in the Mojave desert
Do sex predators end up working fast food?
Enlighten me to your idea
You finally got it out of here
Besides Spice Channel these were the winners of today's messed up searches
"my size barbie" modification s*x d*&^ (rather not have this get pulled up by search engines as real)
I told you that some pervert would do it
Oh, baby you are so wrong
It's too big and they are creepy
It's a 6 ft tall woman crammed into a 3 foot tall body
Of course creepy dudes are trying to bone them
"lactating for husband"
What do people think when they find us as a search result?
Oh, hey maybe I'll listen to this show instead of do Barbie
These contrived justice shows suck
It's all about what's wrong with America and how the Internet is destroying the world
Some people need their attorney before they go online
The setup television shows
The world doth go on, Kris, without you
Betsy's reality TV addiction
I Love New York
Real Housewives of Orange County
Rob and Amber
I wouldn't know what the internet looks like I can't use a computer in this house
Everyday in this house the UPS man rings the door bell and runs off like a gelding
When you are married ladies don't follow Betsy's example
So we're taking a month off

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Betsy and her husband Kris Feb 19, 2007
16 comments      Added on February 19, 2007 by Kris
Croncast 2007-02-19 align= Croncast - 2007-02-19.mp3
Show: #339
Length: 33:12
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Betsy and her husband Kris February 19, 2007

Witty, smart or tired when you make your comment
Audience Survey, please fill this out for us
Look for the graphic on "Audience Survey" on the main page

So we're taking a month off
Remember that March is a desert of Croncast
Over 300 times of the same style
I didn't come here for you to insult you Mr. B
I'm going crazy Mr. B
I have been in this house for two weeks (ahem)
I think you have left plenty of times
Getting up at 4 a.m. with the kids
When I am gone I miss that
Man, that's early . . . there is nothing going on that early
Why are you putting out lunch at 10:30
My Kashi has made it's way towards the exit
I'm so disappointed Mr. B
I signed up for Weight Watcher again
I gained a pound
It's impossible
How many pounds did you lose the first time around? 120
Not eating fast, Kashi and other high fiber foods
That's not it baby it is portions too
"I can eat the hell outta something," Betsy
That is the wrong phrase if you want to lose weight
I'm not even eating the shell
That taco salad, Maggie could get lost in that salad
Portion control baby
Take a lesson from Bears
Take a lesson from someone vicariously on weight watchers
They keep you from eating the food because it tastes so bad
Spinach that reminds me of mowing the lawn
You're older now Betsy . . . you hit 30 . . . things have changed for you
"I just want some chunky monkey"
Ok, Kris, what the hell is your problem with the Murder McMansions
Jeanie called, wouldn't there be blood in the carpet?
The old telephone building . . . our own Murder Apartment
It was New Years Eve when I was 7
All the firetrucks (the two the town owned) the town's ambulance and a lot of volunteers
There was a domestic dispute and someone got stabbed . . . and died
Our new love nest was a bloodstained
No he didn't go after her, you have it backwards
Oh, I could live there no problem
She stabbed him
He probably deserved it
I just sat right over that bloodstain watching TV eating my Gino's pizza
Our next vertical move we gotta buy one
Selling your Murder McMansion
Betsy hits us with her fuzzy math purse business update
Bear, I love you like Jesus and cotton candy

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