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April 2006 Shows

Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 28, 2006
4 comments      Added on April 28, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-04-28 Croncast - 2006-04-28.mp3

Show: #221
Length: 38:35
Size: 26.5 mb
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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 28, 2006

Hey, my people, this is one of our best shows since we began. We think so, maybe we just had a lot of fun doing and that is skewing our view. It starts off a bit slow with Betsy psycho-analyzing me but it picks up quick.

What's shakin baby
The voice over guy, Alan
The Don LaFontaine our of generation
15 minutes of work
You've heard his voice this week
What teh hell is a Dutailier
Dutailier Glider
My mom's crazy prep for baby setting up an entire room with baby furniture (that would be used as gifts) and lost pieces on disassembly
It's normal to go to the Motel 6 to stay the weekend with pop
Documenting our lives we're in an up
You can't say what you paid and then mark it up 600%
Cure the gout
Betsy's first eBay sale and how she got hooked
Quantum physics lessons through garage sailing
A new reality show Texas Ranch House 1867 or something
Frontier House wanna be
Tony Snow was he, is he the dealer
Who was Geoff Ganon's lover at the Whitehouse
Tommy Jerky would supply me
Kris's love of jerky and Jack Link's beef nuggets
It's probably horse meat but I don't care
No more progeny

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  Don LaFontaine  Dutailier Glider  eBay  garage sale  Tony Snow  


Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 26, 2006
2 comments      Added on April 26, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-04-26 Croncast - 2006-04-26.mp3

Show: #220
Length: 29:26
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Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 26, 2006

It's started to turn into one of those weeks
Actually it has been a really good week, just busy
Vickie, sister-in-law Vickie joins us for this show
It all goes down hill from here
She tell of her best trucker recruitment moments
Yup she was a truck driver recruiter
Other mommy stuff as the babies cry together
And Kris makes a huge slip Oh yeah, my argyle shirt makes for some fun

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  truckers  nursing  popcorn  Vickie  appliances  


Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 24, 2006
2 comments      Added on April 24, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-04-24 Croncast - 2006-04-24.mp3

Show: #219
Length: 33:22
Size: 22.9 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 24, 2006

You haven't bought me a present in a while, like three years
Kris went all out one year
Then we starved for three months later
A fistfull of testers from a dumpster for you Betsy
Smelling like a $10 hooker
I'm good and Betsy is great
Betsy has a first
The My Twinn foot hanging off the Goodwill rack
Maggie's like, "No no no" body shake
If Maggie could learn her orangutan moves she could do Clint Eastwood movies
Kris doesn't know what My Twinn dolls are
The pulse of my own heart in my ears
80% of Betsy's Goodwill posse is continually questioning their reality
Betsy had to evacuate on Saturday
Goodwill is cheaper than going to the laundr-o-mat
The Diet Coke gets opened
Yet another chubster addicted to Diet Coke
Designing a doll to look just like your child
Sending in the profiles of your child and they put the head on the doll
Moles, freckles and all
The doll hospital
Technically it would be murder if they replaced the doll head
Where can I send you when I am dissatisfied
Betsy had to check herself
Send a pic of Elliot with a pic of Maggie and ask them to combine them for the head
Michael Jackson's black or white video
Googie looks like my mom
Doll pricing follows the call girl market could be sold on futures
I don't understand paying for sex
Betsy is uncomfortable talking about this subject
I've been propositioned for garage sale money
Betsy had her own garage sale
She leaves in the middle of her own sale to go to others
Strangers coming to the door asking "How much?"
Buying from your neighbors
Tracking your childhood through your mom's eBay history list
Honey if you miss it I'll find you another one next week at a garage sale
Selling Legos a pound at a time
Audio quality is up, I am really happy, let us know what you think
Elliot's got an electric guitar out of the purchase
The opporunities that I never had is what I want for kids
If you've got it, it's ok
The first step to Republicanism
What are they paying for . . . social programs?
Putting your kids needs right on top and first
The blue house memories
"I like this house, it's bigger and I like walking to school. When I get old Maggie's going to bury me in the backyard."
Kris never moved as a kid
Transients moving in and out when I was a kid in a small town
Kris busts out small town speak - "druggie"
Missy is the other colequial for a teenage mother
Faith or Hope or Diamond or Princess
Kris won't tell when his vasectomy date is
Funding your lifestyle with 8 kids plus
Watching Big Love - Kris says, "Bluh. I don't get it."
Betsy says, "Sopranos Salt Lake style."
The gnats attack
I just saw a gnat fly between your glasses and face

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  Goodwill  My Twinn  Republicanism  Michael Jackson  FirePod  


Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 21, 2006
5 comments      Added on April 21, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-04-21 Croncast - 2006-04-21.mp3

Show: #218
Length: 46:20
Size: 31.8 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 21, 2006

Sorry for the popping throughout the show. Some part of our recording setup is dying and causing an electrical pop. I should have this sorted out by Monday, hopefully.

Our fabled podcast
Betsy starts off telling a lie
We have good News
A new addition to our family
It will be double matted
Geraldo Rivera joins the Smith family

Jodi hooks Betsy up
Just to touch what he touched
He will bless us while we podcast
Betsy's junk pile is taking over the basement again
Over 100 Dr. Suess books that aren't for your own kids?
Well it ain't for you kid
Scholastic books can't hold a flame to the Dr. Suess flow
Betsy is now going to talk about RSS feeds
Here comes the Kris went to the doctor story
Testicular dissection
The iMac does some pretty stuff
Betsy holds back and says just go
Psychosomatic phantom pain
My first dash of colostrum
For other people I am all about it
Forgetting when and where your appointment is
If you left it up to men to schedule their own vasectomy appointment this procedure wouldn't exist
Old female nurses
Urologist was me and a bunch of women
They weren't there for a vasectomy
Bisected body posters and plastic pieces
"I wasn't looking at the poster."
Battered women posters and brochures
If it happens then I know all about it
Check my pulse
Penile periodicles
Croncast voice for - "No sweatie . . . not today."
Nothing erection causing on the cover
Perks of some things
The drawing of the whole process, you were right Henry
The blow torch near my balls
The entire process of making me sterile
I prefer the euphemisms
Then it all gets worse
This entire subject makes me very nervous
Doc says I may want to store some sperm
My sperm are doing push ups right now in tube repair preparation
We do the quick exam
When do I need to start coming in for a regular exam
I did not have that on my schedule today
Stranger's finger in my anus today? No not today. I'm not prepared for this.
I'm getting fixed like a cat that won't cause anymore trouble for anyone
"Sterilization" bad
Spontaneous reversal odf the procedure
Leave the item
Plastic food . . . people love it
More Swedish spaghetti
No pregnant garage sale partners, they're slow
Thanks to Hilary Burnett

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  Geraldo Rivera  vasectomy  garage sale  eBay  psychosomatic  


Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 19, 2006
2 comments      Added on April 19, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-04-17 Croncast - 2006-04-19.mp3

Show: #217
Length: 42:19
Size: 29.0 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris Apr. 19, 2006

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Show Notes

Changing all of Betsy's intro's to "I'm the decider."
Kris now owns
I own 50 domains
Betsy wants to spend that money on a lawnmower
Geroge Bush said it - the I'm the decider
"I hear the voices"
Combating Bill Maher
Talking to America like children
Presidential speak should be colloquial
He just wants me to open the Igloo and pass him one
Unscripted speeches
She gets shot in the face all the time
Reality show we missed in our list - Deadliest Catch on A&E
The USDA is in charge
Betsy says the water is -60 F - what?
You're hoping deep down inside to see an accident
Kris is a keeper
The crabs arms are torn off - "what just happened? what just happened?"
Flip This House again
Betsy lands the sooners analogy
Betsy's first social worker job
Once your kids poop on you 50 times they look less cute
The car breaks down when Kris was out of town . . . 10 years ago
Betsy starts throwing them back at 7 a.m.
We didn't spend that much time together
Kris was a basket case
No more cheap wagoneers and social work
The chicks are on the prowl - lol
Make it a magic 8 ball kind of thing
How to get on the Daily Show
Betsy and I should do the show live on stage
Reporters said fake it and we cracked them up and they thanked us
The Mrs. Coach story
Strip mall comedy clubs
Live to Hard Drive
Setting it up like a radio live event is not cool
I could do this
Hanging out with Betsy and Elliot
Tell Kris that your 5 year old is crazy too
Consolidated school districts
Thanks to Scott Burnett

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