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Betsy and her husband Kris Jul 31, 2006
1 comments      Added on July 31, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-07-31 Croncast - 2006-07-31.mp3

Show: #256
Length: 15:37
Size: 10.7 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris July 31, 2006

This show is an outakes show from the last 4 months. A little behind the scenes peek. It would have been a regular show but . . . sometimes it is too soon after a death to make a joke. I found out the hard way.

For those of you who missed the news we put Muffin down over the weekend and it has been really hard for Betsy. Muffin was truly her dog and a good companion over the last six years.

We'll be back on Wednesday.

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Betsy and her husband Kris Jul 28, 2006
3 comments      Added on July 28, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-07-28 Croncast - 2006-07-28.mp3

Show: #255
Length: 30:17
Size: 20.8 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris July 28, 2006

Kris is a bit persnickety tonight
Click the fifth tab for the real mailing address, 800 number and the email form
Send all email to
Nobody gets it
Lots of Smiths in this world
So why did you take my last name anyway?
Normally I get along well with hardcore feminist chics
She made fun of me in class
The old sees the me me know there would be some problems
Keeping it real
Stoner in the basement that would have been managing the apartment building
Passing stuff up through the well
The Kris's social issues
Kris goes off into the world and then come trotting back with the stories
The problem is on my end, I know it
Hi, I'm Kris opening
There server cut loose with wind
I point out that the "smell" wasn't me
Bad move
Petit women never talk to me I think they are worried that I may fall on them and crush them like a bug
I'm married to you and you're not fine
TechCocktail1 was much more suitable for a bear
Betsy's dead racoon story
Racoon committed suicide
Muffin will meet her end this weekend
Explaining to the kids about the dog's imminent death
Tell him that when she dies he can have her cash card
Jauguar XK talk and emails
I only test drove the car . . . but yes I am in love
People don't think I follow through, they have never met my wife
The baby photos that never should see the light of day
Controlling the little sisters life

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Betsy and her husband Kris Jul 26, 2006
4 comments      Added on July 26, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-07-26 Croncast - 2006-07-26.mp3

Show: #254
Length: 30:09
Size: 20.7 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris July 26, 2006

A little behind the scenes from a convo we had before show
It's called a tailgate
It was a like a John Mellencamp video
Now that is something that you don't want your daughter doing
Reaching the maggot temperate zone
Taping "Maggots Gone Wild"
T-shirts for flies
The Happy birthday show for Abbi Zeliff
Kris blew it for the show shout out so it ended up as a whole show
We've given up on the plan for the show
Betsy is going to use the studiofoam
"I spent a whole lot of money and it is your fault," Betsy
Kris is going to change her passwords
Byron K.'s email, "How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?"
The UU answer is hilarious
Betsy wants to read it at church
Kris's religion is working dusk to dawn and then some
"When you die can I have your money card," Elliot to Betsy
Betsy's new nemesis tries to run her over at Goodwill
Vickie having her baby
Betsy describes whole process . . . put your lunch down

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Happy Birthday Abbi Zeliff!!
6 comments      Added on July 25, 2006 by Betsy

abbi_birthday.mp3 Happy Birthday Abbi!

Happy Birthday Abbi! Runzas for everyone. We blew the shout out for the Monday show so you get your own Croncast just for you. I make Kris sing . . . LMAO. Thanks for listening to every show and sharing us with your "real" friends.

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  Abbi Zeliff  Happy Birthday  runza sandwich  Croncast  


Betsy and her husband Kris Jul 24, 2006
5 comments      Added on July 24, 2006 by Kris

Croncast 2006-07-24 Croncast - 2006-07-24.mp3

Show: #253
Length: 35:30
Size: 24.3 mb
Format: mp3

Betsy and her husband Kris July 24, 2006

Vickie, Betsy's sister for the new listeners, finally went into 'real' labor last night at 3 a.m.. She was staying here so most of the family is at the hospital except for me, Elliot and Gigi. Being on baby patrol makes it kind of hard to put up a post. The show notes are coming.

Betsy and I are fighting, best friend style
She wants me to move out and take my stuff
I want to take an iron ans steam her to death
Kris is up in Betsy's business
Her eBay finances are a mess
Kris doesn't like being bossed
Betsy agreed to send email to potential clients . . . nothing . . . phone call . . . nope
They get crazy when they see you on the phone
I don't need Betsy as a corporate rep
Where is all of Betsy's eBay money going?
We talked about it today
Betsy made $900 this week and is -$30
Say what!?!?
She tells me why this is better than putting it on credit
She wants me to apologize
Betsy comes to her senses and says, "Kris, you have a small point."
She hands over her Pay Pal card to me so she can't spend
Lifestyle of the rich and Slowsky
Slowsky is a thirsty bitch!
Higher gas prices, higher fill-up in Slowsky thanks to WW III
Worse gas mileage than a hummer
The Gucci cash is all gone
Functioning out of a hole
She says she is going to purge most of her eBay horde
Stipulation on the card is giving Betsy cash in small amounts
Betsy is no longer CFO of Palegroove since she is handing over her personal financial reigns to me
Just wash my Legos
Cleaning Betsy's junk with Magic Erasers
Kris feels violated, Betsy wants to push me up the corporate ladder with a golf club hanging out of my behind
Kris took a gold lesson, Natural Golf, thanks to Henry for hook-up
Knowing you . . . where are the golf clubs?
It would be better to have a $900 gold club
I still can say I have never officially played golf
Turns out I am really good at hitting the ball straight
The Natrual Golf way worked for me
Test question . . . "Do you like George Bush now?"
Betsy goes on a socialworker rant
How many poor people spend $300 going to Yellow Stone from their McDonalds job?
Betsy says she has realized her calling
Trader Joes is that calling, they are her people
Finding Wooly the Watermellon for candy
If I leave Vickie will crown
Betsy gave me persmission to attend the Jaguar 2007 XK test drive event
I drove a black coupe (see pics below)
Thanks to Laura and John for their help
I recorded most of the day
The car is in my blood
"I don't give a rat's ass. I am not getting anything out of your blood."
Driving the XK took me way back to my dad's speed fetish
I shouldn't have been looking at that man like that
I could cheat on my wife. That takes too much effort . . . I'll buy a Jaguar XK
It is a mid-life crisis car not a car for a 32 year man
We'll have nothing left to show for podcasting work but a bankruptcy and a hot car

Some pics from my weekend fun.

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