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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 151

Our Maggie

Thank you to everyone who sent a message for Maggie! They all mean a great deal to us.

Show Notes

My silent eyed partner
It is Christmas Eve
Maggie is asleep, Maggie update for anyone who missed last week with Elliot
Topsy turvey life
Betsy's happy place
Shaking just like Elliot did at same age
We were preparing to visit doctor then she had more
The baby doctor freaked on phone
Emergency room
Kris held it together
Betsy growling
Everything that Betsy and I hadn't dealt with when Elliot went through it
Dinosaur milkshake machine
Maggie barely knows English
Thanks for the emails
Her tests came back negative
New test is a 48 hour EEG
We didn't do this with Elliot
The snapshot
Can't see damage with EEG
Keeping the 9 month old awake until midnight
Then we put her up for the MRI
Things are calming a little until holiday rush, yesterday
The other sick kid
Day care kids used for syrum production
She's throwing up everywhere
"Get the hell out with your sick ass kid"
Kindercare should use it as a new business model
The pug
Dog sitting proves the husband correct
Dog and cat hair cuts
Something wrong with Americans
"I need a puppy cut and a Brazilian for my Muffin"
Rednecks with Wahl clippers unite
This week at Goodwill
How to make a successful western movie
It is probably a more truthfull story
It's not shocking
Deal or No Deal
It is gambling just like betting on what sqaure the cow will poop in at the county fair
Pat Sajak lives in my chaps
15 copies of We're Coming Over left
Get your's today!

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