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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 150

Show Notes

I wanna do it again and again and again and it ain't sex
This is so funny
This will humiliate you (Kris)
Save your picture
The file it opens is the "Todo" file
Is that the "ToDo Yourself later" file
I dont' want to know that you love monkey porn
Stumbling upon your husbands porn
I know you were just in that window
Store them in projects or trash
Checking properties
I did reverse DNS Betsy do you know where those people are
Oh yeah
Betsy is going to change our lives . . . she registered at Wheel of Fortune to be a contestant
Matching his and her watch set
All for sale on eBay eventually
Betsy has always wanted to go on "the Wheel"
Extension of her addictions
Don't even try
1 million per year apply and only a few can be so proud
If Kris were on the Chicago Bulls
The NBA, WNBA, NASCAR, Country Music and Yahtzee
Chain smoking anorexic chick who does the casting for Wheel of Fortune
What went down
Another woman preying on women party
Discovery Toys
Realtor Incentives
The ladies invited a daddy and he didn't know the fix was in
Oh no, you're not . . . we gotta wait for Andre
1977 Malibu with golf glove leather seats
Running for Attorney General with flyers of yourself in bondage
Betsy is the leak, the Karl Rove of our organization
Curves should hire hot men
Elliot dashing off into the snow in an attempt to run away
Funeral protesting

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