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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris 145

Show Notes

The one year anniversary intro
Betsy and I never remember any big event
I get it with podcasting not with real life
Kris bets you will be disappointed
This is not a best of
No jerking it with laptop included
"We're Coming Over" - DVD + CD + goodies - MORE FRIDAY
Things fell apart this weekend and this week
Men get breast cancer
This was recorded over the weekend
Regular stuff and Kris' health issues
I'll be getting an ultrasound
Giving birth to twins
Cranking up the ultrasound
Urgent they said, I need fixed
The one year archive "We're Coming Over" - More Friday
The DVD will include Maggie's snot
Let the show begin
Set-up clip from the first Croncast with explaination
Who would spend one day a week with Kris for nothing?
Betsy likes the old Kris voice, not podcast Kris voice
Musical interlude while Boy Scouts interupt us
Perpetuating the Pinewood Derby
Six shooters on the tin can
Liberals just give in, we are so weak
It's against God
Real Pistolas
The voice through sweat sock
It doesn't come through the ugly mics
What is different with the set up
Clip from the second Croncast with Betsy
What if they like me better than you and you get fired by administration
My negative attitude is gone, nope
8 year gestation making cash on the Discovery Channel
People do like Betsy more than Kris
Pitching podcasting to Betsy
My entire life became the show
Lost gourd over podcasting
Kris' obsessive patient love
It is baby sitting when daddy does it
Betsy does it for one year and now she wants something
Betsy lays down the pregnancy gauntlet
Right afterwards there is a dillusional state
Being the tree, the wrinkly parts
Georgia O'keefe wrinkly trees
Clip - hiring the handyman
9 am and it is too dark to change light switch
Swearing so much on the show
Mother-in-law will always point out
Working parents have no social life
Cleaning routines and cubicle life
The difference in convict speech patterns
Getting more Betsy
The redneck and the dipthong
DJ Kris playing Jolie Holland and Broken Vegas
"You know what?"
Getting booted to the basement
Spending most of my time in the basement (like now)
A sliver of the pie chart "upstairs"
I need a chair rail to pee in the cat litter
The M-W-F switch was a big deal for us
Betsy wanted to quit at that time
No more nerdery
My mother has told me
Taking part in what is damaging your marriage
He has a little problem there
Betsy does the shout outs
We wrap it up
DVD + CD set is not limited edition

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