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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 69

Today's show goes out to my brother who turned 28. Happy Birthday Kyle!

And for those of who don't think that I could make your ears bleed, I will succeed with my singing of Happy Birthday.

Betsy answered her emails for Croncast and gives shout outs to some of the folks who have sent mail to her this week. Betsy also answers the life long question, "When else can you throw a ball at the head of your enemy?"

Kris rips into Bill Gates over the Microsoft campaign to outsource more jobs. Stop saying that the people don't have the skills here in the states and simply admit the fact that it is economic. My solution is for Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Novell and any other tech company to open their own schools here in the states to teach people to fill these positions. Why shouldn't they? Cherry pick them at at early age and bring them up, open training online or face2face for people who can fill the other positions.

I'm just sick of this shit where these companies use this pretext that there are no people in this country to fill these jobs, bullshit. Quit lying and tell the truth.

On other notes we talk about our forefathers fighting for the suburbs, Anna Nicole Smith water fountains, Kris got pulled over again and got out of the ticket, and and and . . . .

Betsy is launching a contest:

1) Send an email to with the word "Contest" in the subject line
2) Write a couple sentence bio about yourself
3) Betsy will print out all names and put them in a cookie jar
4) She will pick one name
5) Grand Prize - Betsy will be your personal Goodwill shopper. She will interpret your bio and buy you an appropriate gift for Goodwill value up to $9.99 (You could end up with a waterbed or car at that price) and ship it to your home or business.

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