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Betsy and her husband Kris July 19, 2006

A stellar week for comments on the website
Kris feels mushy inside
Betsy loves getting email
More is arriving than we can respond to
Croncast comes to you from the #2 place to live in America - Naperville, IL according to CNN Money Magazine
Naperville always ranks high . . . top 3 for last 5 years
Beaten by Ft. Colins, Colorado
John Elway has it out for us
What is hodling us back
So what makes Naperville so great?
Family type stuff to do . . . plenty
People who live near here say, "I live in Naperville."
The combination of a kick ass Goodwill and community
Park district services
Naper haters
Great city planning
The cops are hidden
More green space than anything else in Naperville
"People in Naperville are snobs" . . . we don't buy it. Live here and see if you like it.
There are other suburbs that are very shwank
Naperville is a big place
If you don't understand the Colorado beef check out the vacation shows
So Mr. B what car did you get?
"I can't think of any other word than pretentious."
Qualifying the price of the car
People need to find out how much stuff costs before they assume
Frick had some great choices
Betsy thinks I would make a great shriner

I traded this . . .

For this.

You probably didn't see this coming
The entire qualifying of the Jaguar purchase
It started wanting a new stereo for my Scion xB
Chose the Scion release xB 3.0
Then I decided that I needed some daddy cred
Took a look for Volvos
Couldn't afford the new S40
We could buy a fleet of Slowsky's
Didn't have any used, but they had a 2004 'new to me' car
$6000 under Kelly Blue Book
The Jaguar is Betsy's dream car
"Did you buy the car for me? NO. You asshole you drive my dream car away every day."
Elliot sitting on a couch pillow.
Some of you may be already hating me
"A Hummer is a reason to hate someone," Betsy
Listed online for $18,915 and I got an even better deal
It has warranty still and is in unbelievable condition
It's a hot car
No way your sisters water should break in my car
Betsy with the neighborhood gossip

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