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Betsy and her husband Kris December 13, 2006

Today is not for the triscadecaphobic
Betsy is the demon seed
Send her a paragraph why she is evil . . . not really
Betsy causes the world's woes
That voice you near is Melissa from ChildServ
We're collecting that money until Friday
I got some episodes stuff
Keeping them out of soap and sheets holiday posse
Melissa says, "Kids don't want to open soap at Christmas"
The door bell interrupts us
eBay rule number 437 . . . show up on time, not early
He won't ring the door bell
Betsy broke the rules first and Melissa calls her on it
The hole that we do the show in, Betsy admits it
A care bear that has had it's eyes eaten by the dog
Eyeless care bears
Betsy has to show Melissa her storage area
1000 square feet devoted to garbage
I was going to try to help if I could
No, Melissa did not come over here
I just don't like it when people are early
Strangers should show up on time
"Betsy wouldn't have a big blow up Santa and basketball hoop at her house"
You're about to transport who? Where? Betsy you have to take the van
If you've listened for a long you know this, we know poor
Two months of eating rice out of a wok
Betsy got eBay skills to by clothes, diapers, food, pay for pre-school
Anti-foraging hater . . . Diannah read and reply please
So what does all of this mean?
It is all about having the ability or knowing when or how to do it
You have to make it your goal
It has been happening for ever
Walmart and the Elmo's . . . Betsy move
There is no buying from Walmart
Betsy explains why Kris is Walmart hater
It's the labor practices
Things that the kids would like
Betsy tries to balance both her sides
The Unitarians are right in the middle
Donations end on Friday
What makes a success
Getting out of the program means independent living skills
Graduate who is now getting his masters
Where's the money?
It's Thanksgiving break . . . can I come to the group home?
Having family makes a big difference
Melissa has been doing it for 11 years!

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