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Betsy and her husband Kris April 4, 2007

I did something a bit different with this show . . . and it is more of an experiment to get some feedback. I'll stop here so that I don't give away too much or sway opinions. Let us know what you think.

Croncast, my baby
It's like my toast master's
You gotta stick your moobs in the air
The weight I am losing is making me dizzy
When I turn things swing
You got a loose bag of goodies
I need a mra
Yeah, you came up with the term "manitute"
You need to continue that
The pregnancy gear for overweight men
Full body corset thing . . . Flexees
Girlfriends wouldn't search for the Flexees, wives would
You bought the farm baby
It's a good thing that I am switching gears Mr. B
Are more people getting interested in selling on eBay?
Yeah, things are changing
I'm like the Aurora casino just throwing my money in and getting nothing back
Betsy's big thought . . .
She was waiting in line at the twins and triplets sale
Tethering the laundry baskets and dragging them across the floor
This year there was a sign . . . no dragging
Betsy gets the full introduction to some of the planners
Descriptions will be less Betsy-ish
Ok, yes, Ok,yes
Like I am a museum display
She comes up with the list and checks Vicky in
Gets to Betsy, tells her her name . . . Oh, I know who you are. You have a blog.
Betsy admits that she says some nasty stuff
Betsy's stomach sank
Bears just stop talking right now
She says, "It was funny when you said we had 'weak pelvic floors'." I find nothing at the sale
Betsy checks the post when she gets home . . . she laid out an entire post of how and I why she sells on eBay
They picked her post apart and realized that they should be doing it too and not donating there stuff for her to sell
What is the plan?
For those of you eating put down your food
It's got nothing to do with you
Is it about sex?
It has everything to do with me
If you are married and have the option . . . get the vasectomy
Vasectomy does equal an increased sex drive
No worries about birth control
Like the vaginal plug
You went to Catholic school right?
I give, I give
Betsy really digs the type A personality
I can tell who was here I can tell from the face on the skin like a snake
We're slowly getting in to show mode
Congratulations to Dave and Melissa!
Bill from . . . listened to every show
We've used a lot of color on our palette
Oh, the Volvo
Kris talks with Thom Volvo
Zero percent satisfaction and we will never buy another Volvo again
The defective V70 will be our defective V70
We're not asking for a refund or a brand new car, we understand depreciation
And no I won't sell my car back to you for a wholesale price
They won't help us out but they will honor our warranty because we don't want another Volvo, "because you don't want another Volvo there is nothing that we can do for you beyond honor the warranty because this is not mutually beneficial to us."
Betsy gives us Thom's perspective
I would get more customer care and satisfaction if I bought a $1.39 box of cereal instead of a luxury car
The dealership tells us this happens 1-2 times a year
We had more recourse through eBay with Slowsky than now!
Kris tells Volvo how to fix it for the next people . . . Talk us back into a Volvo about how safe and well put together they are
Auto auction price for my car is not fair value . . . I am not a wholesaler
Make me want to come in and get another Volvo
Sorry dude that sucks, we're sorry, but we're not going to help you
I am done talking about the Volvo
It's over
Let's get down with the positive . . .
Elliot did his yearly EEG
It came back with no abnormal activity!
He's now going off his medication
So we are monitoring him for seizures and so far so good
His behavior has gotten so much better

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